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Re: Warlord + Osprey = WW2 Game

Postby Spevna on Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:09 pm

Nicely done mate.

I shall be joining you once my Maelstrom order bloody arrives!
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Re: Warlord + Osprey = WW2 Game

Postby Primarch on Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:56 am

Having read through about half of the book now, I am liking what I am seeing, (and not just the pages of beautifully painted models).
The game works on a unit by unit activation. Players draw counters out of a hat to see who gets to activate. Units can have 6 possible orders, Fire, Advance, Run, Down, Rally and Ambush.
Shooting is handled quite simply by rolling a 3+ per shot on a d6 with modifiers for cover, pinning, moving and range. You roll to wound against a fixed number (depending on whether you are shooting people, trucks, half tracks or tanks) and add some modifiers, usually the bigger the gun the bigger the modifier. There are no armour saves.
If you hit a unit, the unit gets a pin counter regardless of any casualties. Once a unit has a pin counter it has to take Ld tests to be given orders. Failed Ld checks result in the unit automatically going 'Down'. Once a unit takes enough casualties it will also have to take a break test or flee.
The army lists are fairly good to get you started. The big 4 are represented with rules for an infantry platoon and support for each. Each nation also gets national special rules. For example, the British get a free Artillery Observer complete with bombardment, meanwhile the Russians get a full squad of conscripts for free. Players can select green, experienced or veteran troops which affects the odds of wounding them and their Ld for order tests.
Overall, the game looks like fun and fairly simple to play.

....It should also be easy enough to make Wierd changes to the system. :D
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