Ham & Jam from Warlord - Pegasus Bridge Set

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Ham & Jam from Warlord - Pegasus Bridge Set

Postby Primarch on Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:10 pm

As was mentioned in the rumours section a while back, Warlord have put together a rather large set of toys for Bolt Action. They have two similar sets available, the standard Pegasus Bridge Set and the Ham & Jam Collectors Edition.
Both sets come with a 28mm scale laser cut MDF bridge as well as some scenic pieces like the nearby Cafe Gondre and a Pillbox. The collectors set comes with extra scenery such as telegraph poles, sandbags, dragon's teeth and even some dead cows.
The basic set contains 20 German infantry, an anti-tank gun and an MMG team as well as 13 British Paras. The collectors set bumps the numbers up to 40 German infantry, the AT Gun, 3 MMG teams and a tank whilst the Brits get an additional 22 Commandoes.
Both sets contain a scenario booklet to get you started and the collectors set also contains an Osprey book to provide some extra background to the battle.
Of course, all of this stuff comes at a cost. The Basic set is 175GBP plus 15GBP for shipping (due to it's size and weight). The collectors set is 275GBP plus 24GBP for shipping. Making them about 29000 yen and 45000 yen respectively.
http://www.warlordgames.com/store/pegas ... e-set.html
http://www.warlordgames.com/store/ham-j ... ition.html

Hopefully Caliver Books (www.caliverbooks.com) will have the sets available at a reasonable discount and free shipping. :D
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Re: Ham & Jam from Warlord - Pegasus Bridge Set

Postby Lovejoy on Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:21 am

Glad that these big Warlord sets look to be becoming a yearly thing, very tempting. Hopefully they'll sell the individual components separately down the line, since I have some paras and heer already for BA.
The bridge and terrain look great from what I've seen.
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