XXX Corps and Dorset 4th Battalion Market Garden

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Re: XXX Corps and Dorset 4th Battalion Market Garden

Post by job » Wed May 07, 2014 3:45 pm

kojibear wrote:Thanks guys for the wonderful info.

I was thinking how best to use the British infantry I bought from Mike at Nagoya Hammer. In keeping with my Market Garden theme, I was thinking:

- the few surviving elements of the Dorset 4th Battalion that crossed the Rhine in Operation Berlin and managed to get withdrawal plans to the British 1st Airborne.

- or perhaps use the Brits to represent the infantry that may have followed behind the 2nd Grenadier Guards when they crossed the Rhine with the first few British tanks - apparently Sergeant Robinson's Firefly was the first.

Sounds cool! The Firefly is the sexist tank by far in my opinion. :)
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Re: XXX Corps and Dorset 4th Battalion Market Garden

Post by Primarch » Wed May 07, 2014 9:35 pm

I wouldn't worry about the Challenger, mainly because it was only available in limited numbers. Shermans and Cromwells were a lot more common.
The Dorsets (and the rest of XXX Corps infantry) had to fight their way up to Arnhem, so there is probably more precedent for playing them as infantry alongside the armoured units rather than side by side with the Paras.
Interestingly though, quite a few of the Dorsets were left behind when the airborne pulled out of Arnhem.
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