2015 Resolutions Thread!

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Re: 2015 Resolutions Thread!

Postby The Other Dave on Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:36 pm

My resolutions have gone completely by the wayside due mostly to a couple months falling off the painting wagon and some shifting priorities with Dropzone Commander. But that's OK! I've gotten a bunch of painting done, and have been able to focus on things I want to paint, so it's all good. (All the same, I think my sig is less impressive than it was last year at this point, so I do want to get back to painting at least two or three nights a week.)
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Re: 2015 Resolutions Thread!

Postby Primarch on Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:05 am

Ok guys and gals, it's December 31st. Time for the final scores!

Primarch wrote:
Primarch wrote:Well, I succeeded in my goal for this year, but I did feel very burned out from painting so much and very stressed about getting stuff done each month. (I took part in a monthly painting challenge over on the Warlord forum as well).
So for 2015 I am going to set the bar much lower.
First up I need to get my hobby room in a usable condition. That means building a gaming table, unpacking and sorting through my collection and all that jazz.
Next I want to work on some terrain projects that I have had lying about untouched for some time now. I've avoided working on them as I knew I would be moving soon.
I plan to get my Raven Guard done for NagoyaHammer this year.
Finally, I have a somewhat secret project that I want to get done, with an aim to demo games before the summer.

If I can meet all those goals, I'll be happy.

6 months check
Gaming table built? Check
Hobby stuff sorted? Kinda
Terrain projects? One is underway, the other...not
Raven Guard for NagoyaHammer? 47 Shades of Grey done and dusted
Somewhat secret project? Built, painted, one game played, not all that impressed by it.

So yeah, it looks like I am doing pretty well overall. Mainly it comes down to terrain and getting my stuff more organised.

Actually, not much has changed for me since the mid-year check. I have made a bit more headway on sorting out my collection, with a few minis going on eBay, but my terrain projects have stalled somewhat.
Oh well, there is always 2016.

How did the rest of you fare?
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Re: 2015 Resolutions Thread!

Postby The Other Dave on Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:56 am

Primarch wrote:How did the rest of you fare?

Pretty poorly, I'm afraid! It's been a busy year in real life, and I haven't been too much motivated. I did get some stuff done, but to be honest I think the gradual fracturing of "what games we play" in the group has been sapping my motivation some.
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Re: 2015 Resolutions Thread!

Postby Spevna on Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:52 am

Spevna wrote:Alright, I'll bite.

My goals for 2015 are ;

build and paint my tanks for BA ( there's 6 of them).
paint up 6pts of Celts for Saga.
paint 1500pts of Eldar.

If they all get done, I will try to finish my RT Space Marines.

I sold off/traded a couple of tanks, but managed to get 4 tanks painted up.
Got 4 points of Saga Celts done.
Sold all my Eldar.

I got a lot of RT space marines done, enough for a small game, but not all.

Got quite a few Dredd gangs done too.

Made a start on a WHFB army which I will get done within a few months I hope.

Also painted up my Frostgrave warband too.
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Re: 2015 Resolutions Thread!

Postby job on Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:13 pm

job wrote:2014, I finished all my painting goals and did a little more. (Although a little tardy.) I finished the Bolt Action army, my Dropzone Commander army, the French FoW army with Voss and I also finished up the contents of my Dark Vengeance box (with exception of one figure) and the rest of the Black Legion models. The one resolution I totally blew was curbing my spending. That went out the window when I got carried away and spent 30,000 yen on Danginius' Greater Brass Scorpion. :( But it was worth every yen. :D

For 2015:
Painting: Paint what I have. (Things in inventory: Heldrake, Bloodslaugterer, 13 Bloodletters, 2 15mm Panthers, 1 Dark Angels Commander, 2 mutant-y models I dug up from Primarch's bitz bin. 10 Berzerkers, an Ork Blood Bowl team, and a Perry Bridge exist but are not really high on my list of things to paint. And I nearly forgot about the Napoleonics! What I am going to do about that?!) I want a Sicarian. I am toying with the idea of painting some sengoku-era models. I might buy some traitor guard- cultists to enjoy painting and modeling. If a Chaos Knight is produced I am likely to buy and paint it.

Otherwise, I just plan to paint and model what I like.

Spending: Try to limit expansion of the number of models or terrain. Invest in carrying cases.

Event: I'd like to open a room for some king of gaming event, likely Bolt Action, 40k Apocalypse or Warhammer tourney-ish event.

Non-Gaming: Turn my attention back to other things like studying Japanese and hopefully starting a family.

Finished: Heldrake, Bloodslaughterer, Sicaran, 7 bloodletters, 10 traitor guard, 4 regiments of French infantry
Given Away: Perry Bridge
Unfinished: 6 bloodletters, 2 15mm Panthers, 2 15mm panzer iis, 2 muntanty figures, helbrute (current project), 1 regiment of hussars (on-going)
Overall, if I feel successful, especially clearing off almost all the French infantry.

Again mostly successful. No bags and no real terrain investment, but I have boxes for the former and moving into the in-laws can put a pinch on the other. Also I bought a great computer with my friend's help. As for hobby purchases, there was one unplanned Helbrute late in the year. Also I purchased another brigade of Napoleonics, but that is a project for next year.

Did it. Well I paid for the space and Yellowstreak did most of the planning and heavy lifting. But it is done.

On both accounts finished. Jun-chan is hale and growing. and I've been doing a language exchange about once or twice a week along with reading and studying when I can.
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Re: 2015 Resolutions Thread!

Postby me_in_japan on Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:12 pm

I wrote:1) keep my bought:painted ratio at 1:10 if possible.
2) finish up enough dark Eldar to field 1500pts of newly painted stuff at Naghammer.
3) paint all 14 infinity starter minis in time for Naghammer
4) build an infinity board, and buy/make enough terrain to fill it.
5) paint one or two of those big Bones minis (Cthulhu or kaladrax), just for fun
6) finish painting my corsairs (2 squads, 2 venoms and a flyer still to go)
7) paint a few more girls for my Dredd gang
8) possibly paint my plague hulk, but that's a bit optimistic

1) ahahahaha. No. Not even close.
2) kinda? I did paint a few more DE, including that mahoosive great twin-prowed skimmer that took about 3 months.
3) ahahahah. No. Still shiny and chrome.
4) a bit. I did buy a fair amount of scenery and have painted some of it. I'm satisfied with my progress on this one.
5) nah.
6) nope.
7) kinda. half-painted a leader, and cleaned up and assembled a biker. These are first for the painty table in 2016.
8) nah, but was never really gonna happen anyway.

I did, however, paint a bunch of malifaux stuff (finished my showgirls) and also assembled, converted and started painting my SSP for next naghammer.

overall, it was an investment-year for me. Got plenty new scenery, lots of minis are assembled and ready to go for 2016, and plans have been laid. Coulda been worse :)
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Re: 2015 Resolutions Thread!

Postby ashmie on Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:26 am

I completed 3 out of 5 of my hobby objectives for 2015.

Painted a Balrog.
Managed to not cancel at the last minute.
Played Hail Caesar.

Huzzah! :D
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Re: 2015 Resolutions Thread!

Postby Lovejoy on Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:24 pm

Lovejoy wrote:
Lovejoy wrote:Here are my main goals. I'll be happy to finish say 6 of these 9.

1. Paint all my outstanding Dredd minis. This is about 40 odd.
2. Stick with a Dredd faction, and get some levels on them. I've enjoyed playing a different gang everytime, but now I'd like to commit to one (at least until it's annihilated)
3. Paint and play 4-6 point faction of Normans for Saga.
4. Paint and play two 24 point Wars of the Roses retinues for Lion Rampant (2 because demos)
5. Paint and play at least two 200 pt Ronin factions.
6. Paint and play Indians and Highlanders for Muskets and Tomohawks (again, no one else is doing it so I need 2 factions)
7. Finish Bolt Action Fallschirmjager
8. Tidy up and expand those Space Wolves to 1500 pts. Terminators or Blood Claws in some configuration I reckon.
9. Paint another 40k army to 1500 pts (Necrons or Orks)....

Completed 1, 2, and 8, more or less.. 3 down, 6 left.
But then, hobby priorities change, don't they.
Hopefully I'll get 3 more of these resolutions squared away before year end, and I'll call 6 out of 9 a decent years progress for this perpetually knackered working father, as I originally said.
Tiny Fallschirmjagers, I'm looking at you next!

And, at year end, the tally of completed goals is still the same as 6 months ago.
No finished FSJ, Saga, Ronin, M&T or additional 40k stuff for me.
What happened.. well, work, and especially being the father of a child who is getting more and more explorative and in need of careful supervision, have been big factors in ensuring anything hobby related has slowed to a snail's pace. Ah well. Let's see what happens in 2016. Will be more realistic this time.
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