New Year's Resolutions: 2018 Edition

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New Year's Resolutions: 2018 Edition

Postby Primarch on Mon Jan 01, 2018 4:49 am

The New Year is here and with it a handful of rapidly broken promises and easily dismissible life-changing decisions. :D

Righty-ho then, time to make my pledges, so that in 6 months I can say that I am vaguely on target and in 12 months I can make suitable excuses for not achieving them.

First off, I want to post more hobby content on NagoyaHammer. I have been a little lax in posting over the past year or so, (except for minor rants, whinges and so forth). I'd like to see people getting more out of the site, so it's incumbent upon me to put more into it I guess.

Secondly, I want to be more organised about my hobby this year. I often have a wild notion pop into my noggin and away I go buying stuff, only to see it linger on a shelf for several years without being touched. I want to try and get stuff done when I buy it. My Tamiya shelf is nearing critical mass and I have boxes of minis still on the sprues that are old enough to draw a pension.

Thirdly, I want to try to avoid new personal projects this year (again). Something where several other people are involved is fine, but I already have enough to do without getting distracted by the new 'shiny' that only I have any interest in.

Fourthly, I want to do more work on existing projects and start getting stuff finished off. Are armies ever truly finished? I don't know, but I want to get the models I have, finished. I have too many projects on the go and I need to clear some of them away.

Finally, and this is my only goal with a quantifiable target, I want to paint an average of 30 minis a month. It's a target I know I should be able to reach, but putting it here gives me motivation to do so.

So how about the rest of my fellow forumites? Any goals, aims, objectives or pledges you'd like to declare?
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Re: New Year's Resolutions: 2018 Edition

Postby The Other Dave on Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:18 pm

Mine are, in broad strokes, pretty similar to Prim's, and are focused around, well, focusing.


1. Nagoya games days are for 40K, Malifaux, and Shadespire. That doesn't mean I'm giving up on Epic, Advanced Space Crusade, and various Hawk games, but it does mean I want to relegate them to separately-organized off days. (For those of you - both of you :D - who took the plunge on these games with me, I do realize that this may be sort of leaving you in the lurch, and I do feel kind of bad about it, but... that feeling is not bad enough to outweigh the hobby positives I'm already seeing from this decision. :cry:)

1a. As a corollary of that, I really don't want to pick up any new games this year, or put much time or effort into collecting and painting any games besides the three above. Shadespire is kind of a special case, in that it's a new game I'm picking up, but its strong support in the Japanese community means I'm comfortable I'll be getting games of it in.

1b. THAT SAID, I also want to be better, and more proactive, about organizing extra game days. I definitely want to put together my nearly-annual Epic day again this year, and organize an Advanced Space Crusade day before Yellowstreak leaves us for the wilds of Texas. My work schedule means that this sort of thing isn't always easy (sorry MtP about last month!) but that's what resolutions are for.

2. As for collecting and painting, I think I got a pretty dang good painting pace set in 2017 (about a mini every 2 days), and I actually did a very good job this year of finishing painting everything I bought - my total backlog amounts to about 4 genestealer hybrids, which is pretty good considering how much I got painted. So on the painting front, I want to stick with what I did this year.

And that's that! Basically I'm pretty pleased with what I've been doing hobby-wise in the second half or so of 2017, so I want to stick with it. Knock on wood!
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Re: New Year's Resolutions: 2018 Edition

Postby me_in_japan on Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:19 pm

Bit late in the month, I realise, but I reckon I should probably write something here for posterity.

Goals for 2018:

1. Maintain a neutral hobby balance. i.e. make my hobby(ies) pay for themselves, and not spend any household money on hobby stuff. Money given as a gift is exempt from this, and goes into the hobby pot. This will mean selling minis I know I won't ever paint/use, as well as painting for profit as the opportunity presents itself. I'm including MTG in my expenditure, too, so I'd best get painting.

2. Paint the following, as I am commited to getting these done to one degree or another: Mortarion, Revenant Titan (gulp), a whole passel of plague marines/hq/poxies for 40k.

3. Complete my MTG SoI and EM collection. I'm over halfway to this already, and tbh am very much enjoying it. Should be an easy one. Doing this while adhering to point (1), on the other hand...

4. Get out to games as much as I can. Once a month is the target. Should, probably, hopefully be doable.

5. As with Prim, I think I should post more hobby stuff on naghammer. I've been pretty lax recently with regular posting, and since I am actually doing painty stuff, I should probably at least drop by with updates. Pics, too.

6. Paint 50 minis. I managed 43 in 2017, which for me is not bad, actually. Interestingly, 27 of them were for Kbear.

Bonus goals: buy something with the express goal of painting and selling it for profit, and successfully do so. Paint a gang/squad/whatever for a game other than 40k. Alter the artwork on a Magic card.

That should keep me busy, I'd say. We'll see how it goes...
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