Normandy '44 - Logistics

Normandy '44 - Logistics

Postby Primarch on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:39 pm

This time I won't be bringing a 6'x4' pile of foam and wood with me, but I do still have a lot of terrain and minis to bring along. If it is at all possible, would anyone be willing to take a trip up to my place, collect everything, cart it over to the venue and then bring it back to my home once all the fun and games are done?

As per usual, I have 1 parking ticket for the venue, anyone wishing to drive will need to drop their stuff off at the door early and then shift their car to a nearby car park for the day.

I'm good for green mats, so nobody needs to bring those, terrain is slightly more important though. Buildings, ruins, fences, woods, hedges etc suitable for Northwestern Europe would be great. I'm trying to de-warp the roads I made last time, so fingers crossed I have those available. I know a couple of people also have their own roads and rivers, which would be awesome to have on the table if possible. Normandy is a patchwork of fields, hedges and country lanes and it'd be great to see that sort of layout for this event.

I'll have some spare Order Dice with me, but if possible, everyone will need 10 Dice of their own as well as a bunch of D6, templates, a tape measure and of course miniatures.

Just a couple of weeks to go!
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Re: Normandy '44 - Logistics

Postby YellowStreak on Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:01 am

I can be a back-up, I'll be in Kyoto the day before so not sure what time I'll be back in Nagoya. If you can't get anyone else, let me know and we'll make it work somehow.
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