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Current Top Games

Postby Primarch on Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:33 am

Recently I have been trying to trim the fat from some of my collections, which has led me to spend more time considering which games I play and why. Being the caring, sharing person I am (not to mention being in love with the sound of my own voice), I figured I would share my musings with you.

So, here you go, my current top 5 games:

1. Malifaux - I love the character design and the interaction between players. There is a wide variety in play styles and the card driven game mechanics work well for the game.
2. Black Powder - It looks spectacular on the tabletop, it's simple to play and I enjoy researching the units and their history.
3. Bolt Action - The random activation mechanic is an interesting way to play, rather than the you go, I go style of most other games.
4. Cutlass - Of all the skirmish campaign games I've tried, I think Cutlass works the best. It does need some tweaking I think, but the high level of interaction between players due to nearly everything being an opposed roll is it's main selling point.
5. Warhammer 40K - Despite the fact that I dislike the way GW are taking the game in terms of rules (Random = fun) and model design (Bigger = fun), it is still probably the easiest game to find an opponent for and I love the background.

Of course there are a lot of other games I play which are very good. My biggest problem in most cases is the lack of opponents. If there were more players it would be a tough call between Uncharted Seas, Battletech and Starfleet Battles.

So what about it guys and gals, what are your top 5 games you currently play and why?
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby YellowStreak on Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:52 am

1. Blood Bowl! Despite the fact I haven't played much since I came to japan (something I hope to rectify!), I still regard it as GW's finest game. Low model count, fun background, works well for tournament or league play. Been playing since 1st edition.
2. WFB. The first tabletop miniatures wargame I ever played (2nd edition).
3. Star Wars X-Wing. Fast and easy to play. And it's Star Wars! pewpewpew!
4. 40K - really only played at Naghammer (due to my slow progress in painting my army). Always really liked the fluff and novels though. Not so impressed with the plethora of tanks, aircraft and mecha these days - it's feeling a bit like epic in a larger scale...

Honourable mentions:
Cutlass - only played one game, but I liked the mechanics
Mordheim - was always a game I enjoyed, but not as much as Necromunda.
Necromunda - haven't played it in ages, so maybe looking back through rose-coloured glasses, but reminded me of early 40k in that it was a quick skirmish game. I'd play it again.
Battletech - played it to death back in High School. Haven't tried the new version, but always really liked the background fluff.
Space Hulk - a fun favourite. Need to finish painting my genestealers and terminators...
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby Colonel Voss on Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:04 am

1) Black Powder/Bolt Action: Putting them together because I don't have much but they are wonderful games.

2) Warhammer 40k: My old standby. Like Prim, I am not happy with the direction but the background is great. I'm moving more and more into the RPG aspects though

3) Battletech: Great game and was my introduction into wargaming

4) Warhammer Fantasy: See above. If there was a better alternative, I would go for it.

5) Flames of War: I enjoy the historical aspects like in Black Powder/Bolt action but the larger size of FoW has it's good points that keep me glued to the game.

I haven't played Warma/Hordes in a long time. I have the armies just not the players so it isn't listed. But like 40k I am moving into the RPG side of the game more than the tactical
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby me_in_japan on Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:16 am

1) Malifaux, despite not playing it often. Great setting and has managed to strike a good balance between variety of factions and balanced playability. The card mechanic also balances random/skill/decision making well.

2) Warmahordes: nice scale of game, coupled with very solid rules. I've still never seen a rules debate for this game. Cryx are aesthetically/fluff-wise appealing, too :)

3) Battle for Alabaster: Despite teething troubles (blown hugely out of proportion by a vocal minority) this game has great minis, a solid ruleset and interesting fluff. It has the potential to be a good non-gothic-future tabletop game in the future.

4) 40k - I don't like what GW are doing with it, both in terms of game design and aesthetic design. If they would just stop telling the sculptors/designers what they think the kids want they'd get a far better product. But, as others have said, it's the go-to game that most everyone plays, and with the right opponent can be a lot of fun. I'm also finding its customisation to be very good. It's the only game I play where you can completely make up your own army from scratch, down to the names/appearance of heroes, and then play with it. For example, there is no physical description of a Corsair Void Dreamer anywhere in the fluff. What do they look like? I dunno, gamers - you tell us. I rather like that.

5) Other than that, its pick-up games. Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Mordheim, Talisman/Relic, etc.
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby Spevna on Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:59 pm

Keep in mind that I spend bugger all time gaming, these are my top 5 at the mo (in no particular order).

1. WH40K - Minis and fluff are great. Couldnt give a monkeys about the rules.
2. Bolt Action - Great rules. Can use any company's minis. Could be adapted for a variety of settings.
3. Uncharted Seas - Better than Man O War. Awesome game.
4. Talisman - Never fails to disappoint.
5. Necromunda (including Inquisimunda). I am putting together several gangs to be used in this. Lots of fun.
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby The Underdweller on Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:25 pm

Top 2:

1) 40K
2) Warmachine

Honestly probably because I've played them the most, and invested the most time and effort
into my armies. Also they are different enough that they are a nice change from each other!

40K gets points for fluff and Warmachine gets points for having a clear set of rules and no power creep.

The other games I have (Fantasy, Cutlass, Malifaux, Bloodbowl) are all fun too, but I
couldnt say which is my favourite until I've played them a bit more.

My least favourite games are:

The Game of Life
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby The Other Dave on Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:34 pm

Hmm. "My favorite games" and "the games I play a lot" make a Venn diagram with not so much overlap, heh.

The only game that probably falls in the overlap area is WFB; I like it well enough, and it's probably the game I'm playing most these days. I'm sort of absurdly pleased that my extremely weak army plays a pretty close game most of the time, and although I don't win much, I also hardly ever get slaughtered. Hard to say how long that equation will hold my attention, but it's fun to fiddle with all the same.

Perhaps obviously, Epic is my favorite game and game system, but I don't get too many chances to play. I'm not complaining really, as my Epic events give me probably as many chances to play as I can fit into my schedule.

I like Flames of War, but need to find the cash to finish out my army before I can really play much more.

Aside from that? I don't know. I may be right up against the wall of having trouble finding time to play more than once a month. I'm intrigued by Monsterpocalypse, and will hopefully get some games of Advanced Space Crusade in when I get my models all painted up. I like the idea of playing some 6mm Napoleonics, but that seems pretty far off on the horizon.
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby job on Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:13 pm

1. Flames of War: I love historics, so I like this setting. The game rules very clear, work great and have an incredible tactical depth. There really isn't a useless unit in the game, although a few units are very specific. The developers stay on top of balance, updating things, responding to player concerns, clearing up rule issues, supporting the game with articles and materials (and free full color rule books). Also the 15 mm scale is a lot of fun and allows for expansive games.

2. Black Powder: I've really started to go in deep for this game. Again, it is historics. The rules are fairly simple, at least the basic mechanisms. It is also very novel and the game does look wonderful on a big table. It is also great to collect from various makers and spend time reading about the struggles of the period along with doing research into the various uniforms and regiments. The downside is that the game play and rules takes a lot of handshaking and relaxed gamers. Things are rarely cut and dry. On the upside, though, it emphasizes enjoyment and a relaxing time.

3. Epic: how did this get here? I've only played this game 2-3 times and everytime without someone else's army. :roll: But the game system is awesome. I love the well written rules, the fan support. Maybe it is a good thing GW is pulling out of the game because it totally divorces what GW has become from what GW was two decades ago.

4. Warhammer FB: I love moving the blocks of infantry and hacking and slashing at each other. GW seems to have done well by FB and I don't think there's a spiral of codex creep and one upping the last armybook. Maybe that is also the dynamic of this warhammer community. Anyway, it has been fun to play, although I'm getting tired to marching at 6".

5. (? Boltaction/ Blood Bowl/ BFG/ Talisman/ Magic?)
It looks like 40k has been displaced in my imagination at the time. GW's policies are beginning to really reek: balance issues, power gaming, super-units, plethora of rules, stale fluff, PRICES!

Unfortunately, I've only played Boltaction 0 times, BB 2 times (and never a full game), BFG 2 times, Talisman 1 time. Magic the Gathering if fun when playing from a deck. I'm sure I can play any of theses games or any number of boardgames and enjoy them immensely.

But, what I really want is 40k to be liberated from the clutches of the current GW management! :cry:
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby YellowStreak on Wed Aug 07, 2013 6:34 am

job wrote:Unfortunately, I've only played ... BB 2 times (and never a full game)

Any time you want to rectify this and experience GW's best game, let me know! :D
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Re: Current Top Games

Postby jehan-reznor on Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:36 am

1st Warzone first edition
Still most tactical tabletop game (i played) IMHO, the only weakness it had, were the close combat rules (And D20 is better than D6!)

2nd Battle Fleet Gothic
Love the whole huge fleets going after each other and maneuvering for best position.

3th Necromunda/Inquisitor
I name them both because they are similar in scope, necromunda focuses more on the battle, while Inquisitor is more RPG'ish.

4th Warmachine
Haven't played the recent revision yet, but it is a quickpaced powergame!

5th 40K
If i had played Dust warfare/tactics, Bolt action more, 40k would have been probably been below that.
Although i love the whole 40K setting, the current 6th edition is highly unbalanced (and will become more unbalanced with every new released toy) and don't get me started about finecrap.
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