The (Gaming) Year in Review

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The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by The Other Dave » Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:06 pm

Another year is just about done! So how was 2016 for you on the gaming / painting front?

For me, I'm comfortable saying: Pretty good! My plan to set and meet monthly painting goals fell by the wayside fairly quickly, but looking at my signature it turns out I was pretty productive anyway. I painted my 6mm Napoleoics up from 7 or 8 bases to an impressively huge force, I wrapped up my Dropzone armies, and somehow found the time to build more or less from scratch a couple platoons of WWII guys in 15mm and get almost all my Dropfleet kickstarter painted in something less than a month. I didn't do some of what I planned to do (28mm Bolt Action just never got off the ground for me), but I think it worked out pretty well, and I certainly had fun on those projects.

Actual gaming I'd have to check - I suspect I missed at least 3 or 4 monthly Nagoya meetings, which doesn't really leave a whole lot of actual gaming on the schedule. But what I did was quality gaming time - I got a good few games of Advanced Space Crusade in, and got my house rules to a fun and more or less balanced place (the Tyranids even won last time I played!), I got a couple games of Black Powder using the Napoleonics I painted up, plus even a game of Pikey's Fantasy / Hail Caesar hack, which was good fun and warrants more games played. There were a couple games of Dropzone early in the year, which is always nice. I dipped my toes into X-Wing, and while I only got a couple games I think I'm bit by that bug. I had a fifth Epic event, which silly unromantic me scheduled on Valentine's Day, giving me a low turnout of (presumably) likewise unromantic folks, but that was a blast as always. I think that also showed that my scenario hacks, importing Flames of War scenarios into Epic, are fundamentally workable, which was good to know. And I did get out to both Chez Pikey and the Villa del MiJ for gaming, both of which were definitely worth the drive, although on the way home from the latter I learned the hard way about the perpetual traffic backup at Suzuka. Lessons learned! At that last one we got in a couple demo games of Dropfleet as well. I also played some of FFG's Warhammer Quest card game, which is a solid, challenging, fun co-op thingy.

Hmm, that actually does look like a good bit of gaming on balance!

So how about 2017? I think the big thing I want to do is just game more - if necessary, be more proactive about getting people together outside the monthly meetups, since it looks like those may continue to be a bit chaotic with the Joshin arrangement getting the kibosh. (Not to knock on the organizers, of course! I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.) It looks like there'll be a mini Epic side event at Nagoyahammer, which should do me for an Epic day. More ASC would be fun, as would more Warhammer Quest and X-Wing and Black Powder.

Aside from that, though, I have a lot of games I want to try out. I picked up the Sails of Glory starter set, and Pikey is on board for some games of that. My 15mm WWII guys are still untested, and I really want to give Chain of Command a try - the more I read the rules, the more I think Too Fat Lardies and I are on the same page about a lot of basic ideas of wargame design. Dropfleet definitely, and I do hope that game takes off at least a bit locally. Fantasy Flight is releasing their fantasy game Runewars in early 2017, and I at least want to get a starter set and try the game out, even if I suspect it'll be a hard sell locally since so many people will (understandably) want to use the fantasy armies they have, while it looks like FFG is (understandably) going to set up the game to sell their miniatures. Wyrd's releasing The Other Side as well, although the way kickstarters go I think it'll be hard to say when the actual hard release date will be. Heck, I got a free copy of Kings of War with something or other earlier this year, and it'd probably be fun to test drive that with my good old Gobbos. I also finally started painting up my 6mm ancients last month, so some games of Warmaster Ancients of Sword and Spear would be a fun thing to shoot for later in the year - speaking of which, I still have my 10mm Battle of Five Armies set I could use for either of those games.

Dang, that's a lot on my plate, gaming-wise - hence the desire to game more. Knock on wood!

So, what're you all's thoughts about 2016 and 2017?
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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by ashmie » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:30 am

Tbh honest I had one of the best gaming years this year in terms of the diversity of games played. Lots of video gaming with Witcher 3, Fallout 4, GTA, No Man's Sky and the Batman trilogy as well as a fair few wargames at the start of the year. A good chunk of roleplay games were enjoyed online with Hollow Earh Expedition as well as a few different boardgames and cardgames tried at table.
My favourite games this year which I hadn't played before were Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Takenoko and Game of Thrones the card game 2nd edition. We also had a cracking game of Flames of War at a new hobby space which will definitely stand out as a highlight not to forget our Space Hulk and Heroquest day :) This was a welcome return to some old favourites.
It's been a very good year for hobby stuff despite everything else in 'real'. :) Endings and beginnings really for real life. Feeling optimistic and positive for 2017.
On the painting front, less often but very relaxing and enjoyable. No deadlines to work to for army lists and I could pick and choose what I wanted to paint when the inspiration hit me. I prefer this style of painting as I can take my time a bit more with colours and composition. I've got a Frostgrave gang of cultists all painted, varnished and ready to go for the new year. Hope to get a game with a mate in Bristol.
Also got back into comics this year and have been enjoying Batman, Green Lantern and in particular IDW's Ninja Turtles which I now have a subscription for.
We are hoping to play Edge of the Empire this month so fingers crossed we can schedule a time.

When I was 35, it was a very good year. It was a very good year for painting minis and rolling dice. etc :D
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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by Primarch » Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:12 pm

But I haven't finished gaming for this year yet.

2016 has been a pretty good year for hobby turnover. I sold off a pile of minis which I wasn't using, and got a load of stuff painted. While it wasn't my most productive year (2014 was still the best), I did get a lot of terrain done and did pretty well with my various armies. With reinforcements for my BA Germans and Americans as well as a lot of British and Indian troops, not to mention my Burma and Normandy terrain, 2016 was the Year of Bolt Action. I did manage to do a handful of other models, making a dent in my Reaper pile, but I think I have failed on a few of my pledges for the year.
Gaming wise, I don't think I did too badly. The lack of regularly scheduled gaming events put a dent in my game time as somehow the Wargaming fell on the same day as my RPG games several times in the past few months. I did manage to run/attend a few big events this year. NagoyaHammer2016 of course, Job's Black Powder event was fun and Overlord looked absolutely spectacular.

Honestly, I can't see 2017 being awfully different from 2016. I'll keep grinding away at my various projects. I have a lot of terrain I'd like to assemble and paint sooner rather than later. I'll probably keep any pledges for the year fairly generic. I tend to paint what catches my interest OR towards a specific goal. This makes it pretty tough to fulfill pledges for things that don't meet those criteria.
I'd like to keep divesting myself of models that I don't need or use (40K mainly), and there are always more things I would like to buy. We'll have to see how it goes.
If I can manage more gaming, that will be great,. but I'm content with my current balance.

Onwards to 2017.
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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by me_in_japan » Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:11 pm

So...2016. Fings wot I did...

I made it up to Nagoya for gaming a good deal more often than I had in 2015, which I'm pleased about as I enjoy all y'all's company. Hopefully I can continue this into next year. In terms of games played I almost certainly played X-wing more than any other game, initially over at Moyashimaru's place, and latterly I jumped all-in and bought a bunch of stuff for myself, so much so that X-wing was far and away my largest hobby expense of the year. I also played a fair bit of Frostgrave, as well as painting up my entire warband. I sold my warmahordes Trollbloods, and dont really miss them, as well as a few other bits and bobs. This was my first time to sell off an army, and tbh I'm keen to do it again. There was a bit of Malifaux, as well as my first games of Infinity. 40k was its usual lurky self - always there looking at me but never really getting involved. I enjoyed Naghammer in May, and at the end of the year some 1-page 40k breathed new life into the system for me. I'm keen to do that again. Also towards the end of the year I got my Dropfleet Commander KS stuff, and am very much looking forward to playing more of this in 2017.

So, 2017:plans. I want to keep my spending lower than 2016. I kept complete notes on every single hobby item I bought this year, and it was a right eye-opener. While my total may be less than that of some others on this forum, it was much higher than I had thought it was. X-wing was largely responsible for my going over the budget I'm comfortable with, so hopefully now that I have most stuff I need for it, things should stay under control. I'm also keen to sell off more stuff that's taking up space in my cupboard. The end-times bell may be tolling for my Nurgle marines, which does kind of make me sad, but they haven't seen a gaming table in years, so I have to ask myself what the point is in keeping them. In terms of actual hobby, I hope to continue my visits to Nagoya, perhaps not every month, but hopefully every couple of months or so. Game-wise, I'd be happy if I could play more Dropfleet, X-wing and Malifaux, with room for Frostgrave, Infinity and 1-page 40k as games-on-the side. It's interesting that 4 of those 6 games are ones I had never played prior to 2016 (and one of the remaining two is such a rejig of the rules that it may as well be a different game). The times, they are a-changin', indeed.

Painty-wise, my goals for next year are:
Finish Kbear's Tiefling band
Paint the remainder of my Dropfleet UCM fleet (1 battleship, 3 cruisers and 8 frigates)
Assuming I get some more TGG2KS minis, paint another frostgrave band. Just because I have an idea and I think it'll look cool.
Paint another Malifaux gang
Oh, and finish that Kraken. I was enjoying painting that, actually, but Dropfleet and Tieflings distracted me.
Don't get distracted mid-project (see above) :oops:
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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by The Underdweller » Sun Dec 18, 2016 1:22 pm

My year has been pretty good for RPGs - I generally have at least 1 game a week, up to 3 or occasionally even 4, so I really can't complain in that department.

Unfortunately they often interfered with other game days, so a bit less Wargaming than usual. I did still get a fair amount of Warmachine in, and a lot of Blood Bowl near the beginning of the year. Would like to do more Malifaux and Blood Bowl, and try out Strange Aeons and Frostgrave with my own crews - or any skirmishy type games, really.

Miniature wise I have not bought very much, which is good I suppose - just a few things for Malifaux, and a Blood Bowl team. As for painting, I managed to go back and fix up a few Warmachine things, and get most of the stuff I bought this year done. So quite little, which is fine.

Overall, not a bad year at all!

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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by job » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:34 pm

2016 looks to be the watershed year for my hobby; the time I transition from devoting my time to plastic miniatures and playing games to devoting my time to raising my flesh and blood.

My daughter is growing quickly and watching her clapping to songs and remembering to gochisousama after dinner makes me realize my hobby years are possibly in wan until she is of the age Daddy is no longer needed around her (and her potential future siblings). There is also my new position at work which absorbs more and more of my attention and time. Unfortunately the hobby is feeling the squeeze between these competing claims in my time.

Still, I managed this year to go on a Napoleonic spree. While my Polish Brigade project still needs work (12 more fusiliers and flock on the bases), I made a nice debt in my backlog. All of the models I acquired from the Admiral have been painted. I also bought and painted up a box of Perry French that I mixed and matched with Victrix models and enjoyed painting. This is probably the direction I'll go with my Naps from now on.

There were also some Skitarii I purchased, and I'm enjoying piecing them together and painting them when the feeling takes me, however with the death of NagHam as a 40k event I'm feeling the ambers in my heart for 40k flickering out.

Finally, Drop Fleet Commander.... My 2015 pledge... My 2016 purchase....Where is my stuff?

Purchase wise I was frugal this year. (One box of Perry French, one box of dragoons, one Skitarii starter set, some bases from Warlord and Rendera, and a Dropfleet starter set with one battleship Bolt-on). Oh there was a purchase of some 10 CSM for 1500 yen from Prim. All told it comes to about 15,000 yen. So not hard on the wallet, but it has drawn the ire of the wife. Clearly this is not complementary with my role as D-a-d. (Actually, she isn't angry and she has only been slightly less than the chiding tone she usually takes to my hobby, but I feel there is some boundary I may be approaching so I will do my best to navigate a new course.)

So 2017 draws near. I figure to do my best avoid clicking on any purchase buttons. I will inevitably work towards my project of building the VIII Corps at Leipzig, but I may also start a long term project to build the German division at Talavera. There is also the DFC (whenever I get it). I'll plug away at my Skitarii. There are some some whimsical projects like an army of Chaos Dreadnoughts that may crop up, but otherwise I see myself only working I these things between the time I get home/my daughter is asleep and bedtime (which means an hour or two if I have the energy).

There is no time for new games and rules. I couldn't even read up on Blood Bowl. I haven't purchased the new Bolt Action Edition. I want to try Frostgrave, but that means learning a new rule system. It is the significant reason I won't bite for the new Maliflaux Kickstarter (it looks very cool). For awhile I'll be playing (or rather hobbling) what I know.

Finally I'll try to open doors for one event. I am thinking 40k Apocalypse as we haven't had an opportunity for all the Chubu area players to gather. The other ideas are Warhammer 8th Ed event or Gorkamorka, but who knows at this time.

Anyway, 2016 has been an interesting ride.
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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by YellowStreak » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:02 am

Well I got a fair amount of gaming in during 2016, including gaming in 3 countries (Japan, Australia and the Philippines).
For me, Bolt Action dominated a chunk of the year, capped off with Prim's awesome Overlord event. Blood Bowl got a look in thanks to Underdweller, and with the new set in hand I'm hoping for some more games in 2017.
Skirmish games ruled the rest of my time I think, from Frostgrave to This is Not a Test to a little 40K Kill Team during my business trip to the Philippines and some solo Songs of Drum and Shakos.
Having my best friend visit Japan recently to celebrate (or commiserate!) on 30 years of friendship led to games of Zombicide every night - which brought back many memories of our Primary school, High School and Uni days of endless gaming, from WFB and Blood Bowl to 40K, Epic, Battletech and many RPGs.
On the painting front, if my count is correct I painted 320 minis, including 4 vehicles, including the 82nd Airborne force especially for Overlord - although somehow I managed to purchase or acquire 336 figures! :oops: -- I guess if you include the 128 figs I sold it's a net win!
Looking forward to gaming more with you all next year, have a safe and happy holiday season!
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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by Lovejoy » Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:50 am

A very happy year, I am pretty content these days - but I barely gamed this year, or got any painting or modelling done to speak of. Since the second child came along, the squeeze on available hobby time is pretty extreme, and it’s a big ask to leave my wife alone with two boys under the age of 3.
I took a 6 month hobby break this year after baby George arrived, and hadn’t recently attended many games prior to that to be honest. I poked my nose out of the bunker for D-Day, which was pretty darn memorable, but no gaming in public since then bar a session at Fort Spevna where much drinking but practically no gaming took place! Huzzah.
I did get a little Frostgrave in earlier on in the year, assembled some 4Ground stuff, and tinkered with building simple Helms Deep terrain, which is an ongoing plan. Nothing really to show publicly yet, but hopefully I’ll rope some people into some epic SBG games with that one day when it gets finished. Doubt that will even be completed in 2017 though!
Other than that, I did manage to buy too much stuff, which I think was to compensate for the lack of time and scratch a hobby itch, even if it was only through spending on it..never a good idea. So, I bought a lovely battlesystem card dungeon, also backed the sci fi stuff by the same company, added pretty extensively to the lotr miniatures I’m collecting, and snapped up some minis (secondhand or just old in spirit) with an eye to Oldhammer type gaming. When any of that gets done is anybody’s guess, but it feels nice to have quite a few little old school armies worth to chip away at into my dotage.
Hmm. Far too many minis now, and I need to downsize, or invest in a garden shed...
Like Job, I think I am now firmly in a new era of fewer systems and even less frequent gaming until the boys get a little older. Also like Job, I quite liked the look of the upcoming Malifaux game to be honest, but it’s another system to learn and more minis I can’t justify buying, given the backlog of shame. Haven’t even found time for the Malifaux gang I already have.
I've accepted my hobbying lot, and as said, my non-hobbying lot is a pretty happy one. But I don’t want to be beholden to firm hobby resolutions for 2017, as that didn’t really work last year.
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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by ashmie » Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:43 pm

Sounds like everyone had a great year. I am missing Japan now the UK winter has set in and not enjoying Christmas as much this year. Job and Lovejoy you guys are wise to put your family first in terms of gaming. Something I tried to do but it didn't make much of a difference sadly. My only advice from past experience to everyone on here regarding gaming with a family is keep a little bit of hobby time to yourself and give everything else energy wise you have to wife and kids. Japan I still believe is a country where loyalty to family is truly rewarded. The balance is difficult but still not impossible. I still believe that. When I gave up my hobby all together it made me miserable and that had a bad effect on day to day. I wish in hindsight I had done a once a week painting session to balance out commitments and time with my wife. Ah well it's all easier in hindsight. We live and learn hey. At least I'll know if there's ever a next time.
Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year everyone.

Family is everything it's all we can have and l like to think of the NH forum and past gaming events as part of mine. Swoon :geek: :D You could write a sitcom based on our sagas guys. Great memories.
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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Post by jehan-reznor » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:51 am

Not much gaming for me last year, mostly board-gaming and hobbying.
Bought more GW stuff than i have in years, Bought Kingdom death, re-acquired Battlefleet Gothic and Titan Legion and a whole bunch of other systems.

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