The (Gaming) Year in Review

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Re: The (Gaming) Year in Review

Postby kojibear on Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:06 pm

The 2016 gaming year was not as busy as I would have liked. I do find I prioritise my D&D days due to the commitment that I have to the group, which as Primarch said, has meant missing some of the monthly gaming events. Work was also busy this year, too, which added to less overall gaming days.

That said, I did make 2 big events, Nagoya Hammer and Overlord (The biggest bolt action so far in Nagoya - thanks Primarch and Yellowstreak!).

The changing tide has also kept me in its wake, and I have found myself more and more craving the skirmish games - Malifaux, Frostgrave, TnT, and Infinity. That said, Bolt Action is such great fun and historical hurrah! I still enjoy 40k, but my craving is easily satiated these days, with Nagoya Hammer or one or two other games being a decent serving. I, too, look forward to trying 40k as a more 1-page type deal, and to playing a bit of Horus Heresy for a change. I do see myself continuing to reduce my 40k collection, though, my remaining unpainted Eldar and perhaps one other faction, most likely Tyranids I guess. Losing the Tyranids will be a little upsetting, but if there is one thing that takes up space, it's all those damn gribblies, especially the big ones. My Exodites are here to stay - to much sweat and tears and joy went into them to let them go. Plus, dinosaurs in space are just cooooool! :D

I also look forward to having another crack at Bloodbowl, too. Looks like fun.
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