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Post by me_in_japan » Fri May 30, 2014 1:03 pm

Just a credit-where-it's-due post. I recently made an order with the WAMPstore (affiliated with the WAMP forums, obviously) and was wanting to buy, amongst other things, a bunch of empty Vallejo bottles (I like em that much I decant my non-Vallejo paint into them). Anyway, I wanted about 30, which they didn't have in stock, and as well as that their shipping calculator was a bit out of whack as it was classing them as paints, but of course they're empty and thus a good deal lighter. I mailed the admins about this, and got back a very fast, polite and helpful email. Basically over the course of the next few days they bent over backwards to get things sorted, including editing the code for the store (by hand) to fix the shipping costs and mailing me personally to let me know as soon as they had gotten more bottles in stock. (You can't buy stuff they don't have in hand, which is a sales method I think some other web retailers could learn from...)

A big up 'nuff respec' to the WAMP store. If you need paint, brushes, little decorative brass leaves, a bag o tiny cogs or nice plinths, I strongly recommend them. They sell minis, too, btw. :) Very reasonable prices across the board, including shipping costs.

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Re: WAMPstore

Post by Primarch » Fri May 30, 2014 1:18 pm

Those are the guys who do the painting webzine Portal, yes? Those guys have some seriously good painters. Seems like they know how to keep customers happy too.
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