Hobby Shop in Tajimi

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Hobby Shop in Tajimi

Post by Primarch » Fri Oct 16, 2020 7:19 am

This week I had the opportunity to drop by a hobby store in Tajimi. They stock Magic the Gathering (mainly in Japanese), most of the other popular CCG's, but also Warhammer!
They don't have a lot of stock, BUT what they do have is still being sold at it's OLD RRP. So, you can save a few hundred yen or more per item. Plus, some of the older stuff has a 30% discount on the listed price. If the box is missing the bar-code, you get the discount. (I guess it's some sort of 'Sale or Return' policy from GW). They have small marines, Eldar, Tau, Orks, and a few Nids on the shelf. A full rack of paints and a handful of AoS and Underworlds boxes round out the selection. I think they can order stuff in if you ask, but that will be at current prices.

There's no website, but if you search on google, you'll find the shop. It's about 10min from the station on foot.

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Re: Hobby Shop in Tajimi

Post by Balloonacorn » Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:56 pm

This is the place I mentioned to people last game day.

I got a GW tape measure for 1100 Yen. I think they had 2 more.
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