Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an here.

All new members can introduce themselves here. If you can speak/write Japanese and English, please feel free to use both languages. 新メンバーはここで自己紹介をしてください。もし、英語と日本語を話し、書けるならどちらの言葉も自由に使って下さい。

Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an here.

Postby Washoi on Thu Jun 09, 2016 5:54 pm

Hey guys,

I've been living in Japan (Okazaki) for 5 years and never even knew there were war gamers around!

I'm a bit rusty and haven't played war games for about 8 years but I've recently realized I miss it and would really like to get back into it...

I'm thinking about getting a Hordes army together and would certainly like to get into some war games in the local Nagoya/Aichi area.

Thanks for having me on this board and please give me any advice on what to collect / start if Hordes isn't a good or popular option.

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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby Primarch on Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:10 pm

Hello and welcome to NagoyaHammer.

I'm not a Warmachine/Hordes player myself, but the system does have some fans in the area. A lot of the Japanese gamers play as well as a few of the ex-pats. There is a monthly event on in Kuwana city hosted by one of our members, Dungeon Lord, that supports WarmaHordes. It might be worth going along to get a feel for the local community.

I believe that Warmahordes is getting updated to a new edition soon (already??), so that is something to bear in mind when making purchases.

As for the rest of the forums, feel free to jump in anywhere you like. We are mainly a friendly bunch. :D
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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby Konrad on Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:39 pm

Welcome aboard. In addition to Dungeonlord and Underdweller there is a pretty active group down and around Osaka last I heard. Danguinius does not post often, but he could fill you in on that.
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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby job on Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:48 am

Welcome to the group!

Warmahordes is a good choice of game. I'm not a WH player myself, but many a player are very happy with the game. Locally there are quite a number of Japanese players and several ex-pats just as Prim said. Dangunius, who posts occasionally here, runs a big tournament in the Hiroshima area. Look for the links in the event threads. The pictures posted are impressive.
There's a steady group of players meeting the last Sunday of the month (although on occasion it may change to another weekend) and Dungeonlord is running another event in Kuwana monthly. The other big regular gathering is at the annual Nagoyahammer event which often has open gaming on the 2nd day.

Anyway, good to have you on board!
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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby YellowStreak on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:48 am


As you mentioned an interest in other games as well, what kind of stuff interests you? In Nagoya there is alot of Bolt Action (28mm WW2, which also has a 'weird war' expansion coming out soon), some 40K, some Black powder (Napoleonic) and then a smattering of other skirmish games (e.g. Frostgrave, Judge Dredd, This is Not a Test, X-Wing).
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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby Washoi on Fri Jun 10, 2016 6:02 am

Thanks for all the responses guys! This forum is more active than I originally thought.

I'd be happy to play almost anything as long as it's table top miniatures with a tactical element, I do enjoy the painting a lot too, however bad I may be. If hit now I have a very small force of TAU (40k) and that's about it.

40k is CRAZY expensive in Japan, I guess GW really doesn't want any Japanese players to actually start collecting with those prices...

Bolt action seems good when I looked it up but I'm more of a sci-if fantasy kinda guy myself.

Warmahordes IS getting an update, you are right, on the 29th of June, but the models are not getting an update (some re-cast in plastic) so the armies will still be mostly ok!

Thanks for all the good info, maybe I'll show up to the last Sunday in Nagoya event mentioned, if you'll have me. ;)
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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby Mike the Pike on Fri Jun 10, 2016 8:51 am

Hi there Washoi,
Welcome to our group. I'm down in Toyohashi, a couple of towns over from you. Nice to see someone else in the Mikawa area.
I don't play Warmahordes either :) but as the others have said, there are other players who do.
If you are interested in getting into any new games, Shipping to Japan can be pretty expensive, but occasionally there are free shipping deals etc. GW isn't cheap anyway you look at it. eBay is your friend if you need Tau.
Anyways, you're more than welcome to come along to the June gaming event and have a look around and chat.
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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby Colonel Voss on Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:59 am

Hey, welcome!

I'm one of the Warma/Hordes players. I actually have several small armies of hordes and with the upcoming release, I'd be willing to drop one off to you on the cheap. I usually go to the Kuwana gaming but of late I've been down a lot and not attending.

Anyways welcome and see you on the tabletop field of battle.
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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby The Underdweller on Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:48 pm

Hi Washoi,

I am also one of the Warmahordes players (Protectorate). Kuwana Games Day is the best place to get a game of that for sure, there are usually 2 or 3 games of that going in the morning. There are often a few Japanese Warmahordes players at the end of the month Nagoya event as well. And me.

I can also hook you up with some Tau if you are looking for some!
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Re: Hello All getting back into wargaming and Okazaki-an her

Postby me_in_japan on Fri Jun 10, 2016 3:36 pm

Hi :) Sorry for not chipping in sooner - I too play Warmahordes, as well as 40k and a plethora of other games. I agree that GW make it stupid difficult to buy their stuff here, but tbh I don't know if I can recommend buying into 40k at the moment anyway. Folks do enjoy it locally, but there are many other games that are played more often and have a far cheaper buy-in. On which note, there are a number of online retailers that will ship free if you buy over a certain amount of stuff. I use Firestorm Games for most of my paints and non-GW minis. For rulebooks I tend to shop around a bit more, as firestorm charge extra for books. Anyway - getting hold of minis isn't as hard as it might seem :)

So, welcome to the forums - hopefully we can get a game in sometime :)

Ps @all - isn't badruck looking to offload his Tau? Or did I mishear that last weekend?
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