Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

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Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

Postby Simon W on Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:03 am

Greetings to all,

I will be arriving in Nagoya from Malaysia this September and looking to make contact with fellow miniatures gamers in the area who are available to game and motivate me to sort my life out and deal with my mass of unpainted metal.

My interests (at the moment) are mostly historical -

American Civil War (28mm) - 'Brother against Brother' anyone?
Mexican American War (28mm) - Just the Mexicans at the moment.
Texan War of Independence (28mm) - Ditto - Got a thing for Mexico...
Dark Ages Romano-British (28mm)
+ the beginnings of Austrian and Prussian Seven Years War armies in 28mm
Cold War (1/300) - Dutch company/squadron group
1967 and 1973 Arab Israeli Wars (1/200 - not a typo)
Samurai (6mm)

That said, I'm willing to give pretty much anything a go.


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Re: Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

Postby Spevna on Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:11 pm

Hi there,

Historical stuff is growing in popularity here. I'm pretty interested in dark ages too and have a few factions. I've got :


Not played any games with them yet, but I'm keen to get in some Saga.

Which rules do you use?
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Re: Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

Postby job on Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:34 pm

Hello Simon! Welcome aboard our little outpost.

I'm glad to have another historical player. Personally I play Napoleonics (Black Powder), 28mm WWII (Bolt Action), and 15mm WWII (Flames of War).

For you are going to play American Civil War, i might bite when I clear my table of some projects (say 2017). I'm also game to try other periods and rule sets including the 7-Years War. Very intriguing.

Please tell us more about which rulesets you use and please join in on some threads if you like. Hope to see you soon at a table.

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Re: Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

Postby Primarch on Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:55 pm

Hi Simon and welcome to Nagoyahammer.

Historical gaming is definitely more popular these days. We mainly play Warlord Games' various rules as they are fairly straightforward and fun. Personally, I have EIR Romans and Celts, Samurai, Napoleonic British, Victorian British and Zulus, all in 28mm for battalion level games, plus Saxons, WotR Lancastrians, Samurai, Victorian British and Afghans in 28mm scale for Skirmish gaming, along with far too many WW2 forces for Bolt Action.
It doesn't look like there is much overlap in our interests, but if you have forces for both sides of an engagement, I'm sure we can arrange an exchange of games.

Feel free to jump into any ongoing discussions, or start some new ones of your own.

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Re: Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

Postby me_in_japan on Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:30 am

Hi Simon, welcome to Naghammer. Im afraid I don't play any historical games (it's not that I hate them, they just don't press my buttons) but increasingly I find myself in the minority in that regard, so I have no doubt you'll have no trouble finding someone to play against. Regardless, I look forward to meeting you in person at one or other of our events, and to chatting online. See you on the forums :)

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Re: Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

Postby YellowStreak on Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:25 am

Welcome to Nagoyahammer!
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Re: Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

Postby The Other Dave on Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:28 am

Welcome! 6mm Samurai sounds right up my alley - Baccus makes some beautiful stuff. (Likewise for Cold War and GHQ!) What ruleset are you using?

Another guy (Mike the Pike on here) and I have recently gotten into 6mm Napoleonics if you're interested in that. Aside from that, the big historicals around here are (as people have said) Bolt Action and the various other Warlord games in 28mm.
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Re: Arriving in Nagoya September 2016

Postby Simon W on Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:50 am

My word, what a welcoming bunch you are...

As for rules, I do like the look of 'Saga', but to my knowledge they haven't brought out a Romano-British supplement yet. The Broken Bayonets group here in KL played a campaign using a rule set called 'Song of Arthur and Merlin', but it was a smaller scale skirmish campaign. I've got about 35 figures in my Romano-British warband at the moment so I'm looking to move up to something like 'Dux Bellorum' from Osprey. 'Dux Britanniarum' from Too Fat Lardies looks like it is quite entertaining as well.

I went for the 6mm samurai after seeing a Japanese magazine with aerial paintings of Sengoku Jidai battles and I just thought "yesss". I've painted some of them, but most are still at the undercoat stage. This is a project I could definitely push along if there's the chance of a game at the end of it.

For 7 Years War, I recently got hold of a copy of 'Honours of War' from Osprey which looks very playable. My 'armies for this period are still embryonic - 16 Austrians and 10 Prussians so its going to be a while before they take to the table in anything like gameable numbers. One for the future...

The Cold War Dutch (GHQ - nice...) were for another Broken Bayonets project which didn't get off the ground so I've never actually gamed with them. Again this is an easy one to build on if there's a chance of a game.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to joining in with some of the threads and I hope to encounter some of you across the gaming table some time in the near future.
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