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September 23rd - Bolt Action - Italian Front

PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:47 am
by Primarch
Generals, Generalobersts and Generales, you are invited to take part in a day of Bolt Action gaming aimed at refighting some of the key moments during the Allied invasion of Italy.

The final details are still to be decided, but we will have two large tables set up to represent the battles for Monte Cassino on the Gustav line and the Anzio beachhead where the Allies tried to outflank the line.

A surprisingly large number of nations took part in the operations to break through Cassino including, American, British, New Zealanders, Africans, French, Australians, Poles, Canadians, Indians and Italians from the Italian Royalist Army. The Germans holding the lines were supported by Italian troops from the Italian Social Republic.

We should have space for up to 6 Allied players and 6 Axis players.

I don't have a lot of terrain for the Italian campaigns, so if players would like to contribute something, I suggest looking at some photos from the period. The Italian landscape, especially around Cassino was pretty rugged and mountainous.

Re: September 23rd - Bolt Action - Italian Front

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:10 pm
by komura
I’ll join this game.

Re: September 23rd - Bolt Action - Italian Front

PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 1:49 pm
by job
I'll do my best to man the line with my Germans. I'll try kitting out my units like Herman Goring Division.

Re: September 23rd - Bolt Action - Italian Front

PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:15 pm
by Primarch
Good morning (or whatever time of day it may be when you read this post).

I'm off back to the UK next week until the end of July, so I'd just like to remind everyone that this event is coming up in less than three months. So now is the time to call in reinforcements, paint up those last few units and, more importantly, get some terrain assembled for the tables. I have terrain for Normandy, I have stuff in boxes for Russia, I have a full table for the far east, but I have next to nothing for Italy and the Mediterranean. Since the Italian campaign was the one voted for by the majority of players, it would be great if people could chip in with a few buildings, some large hills, walls, vineyards and the like. I'm going to do what I can, but cannot stress enough that I have neither the time, nor the materials, to fill up one large table by myself, let alone two. (Plus, I'd kind of like to get my own army painted).

Army wise, we are open to a lot of possibilities and I can loan out some forces if anyone would like to join but lacks troops of their own. Bolt Action veterans and fresh-faced rookies are welcome to come along and join in the fun.
Ideally we have space for 6 Axis Players and 6 Allied, but those numbers can be adjusted if need be.

As mentioned above, the goal is to have 2 large tables covering the Gustav Line/Monte Cassino and the Anzio beachhead.

The Gustav Line table has space for Italian, German Heer and Fallschirmjager forces, being faced by Commonwealth and American troops as well as the potential for Airborne.

Anzio is suitable for German Heer troops against US and British regulars, US Rangers and British Commandos.

Other forces such as Free French and Brazilians are also fine.

Once people know their schedules, please let me know about attendance so I can start planning and balancing forces.

@Komura-san - Please pass this information on to the other Japanese players and let me know who is planning to come. Thanks!

@All - Seriously, I am not joking about terrain. Everyone needs to help out or we're playing on barren fields.