NH2019 Extremely Preliminary Thoughts

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NH2019 Extremely Preliminary Thoughts

Post by The Other Dave » Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:49 am

Hi all,

So it looks like I'm in charge of NagoyaHammer next year :shock: :? - I'll be figuring out room and date arrangements when it becomes possible to do so in early October, so expect an update around then. I wanted to start this thread to share what I've been thinking about how to run it - don't worry, I don't have any plans to rock the boat, but I do have some thoughts based on this past May's event.

As usual, the first day would be a 40K day and the second would be an open-play day. I'm thinking, though, that we might need to think about some changes for the 40K day, as very few of the games last time seem to have gone much past turn 3, and scenarios and how they give victory points are balanced around playing the game to its end, so we sort of need to do something to make sure that games get finished in the allotted time (and that people don't feel rushed, which is always a fun-dampener). I definitely think some of us could play three 1,500 point games in a single long day, many of us could probably play like two and a half games, but three is just too tight for most of us, just because of how often we play in our little meta - no value judgment, can't be helped, shou ga nai. So I figure we could either:

1. All learn to play the game much faster in the next 9 months
2. Play 3 1,000-point games instead of 3 1,500-point games
3. Play 2 1,500-point games instead of 3 1,500-point games

Number one is the joke suggestion, as I don't want to put any onus on participants beyond "gather up your little plastic dudes, know the basics of the rules and play the game" - requiring practice seems at odds with that. Of the other two options, it really depends on how wedded we are to the idea of a three-game tournament-style deal with rankings and such, but my personal gut feeling would be to stick with it and go with number two. Thousand-point tournaments are definitely a thing in the 40K hobby world at large, and in my experience that points level is still plenty for an interesting tactical game where you can bring some fun toys along - but then, my preference at 28mm has always been for games on the smaller side, so y'know. Then we could leave day two for organizing any bigger games people are interested in playing, allowing them to take as much time as they want or need to play a game to its conclusion. To my mind, playing just two 1,500-point games wouldn't be that much different from a typical Nagoya Sunday games day, so there isn't much of a "special event" feeling to it, and getting to play a number of different opponents and meet and hang out with people you might not see very often is sort of the draw of the whole event.

Keep in mind, even if we do a 3-game 1000-point tournament deal, I'd be inclined to use the straight Chapter Approved guidelines (for 1000 points that means up to 2 detachments, up to 2 of any non-troops datasheets) and not put any additional restrictions on what people may or may not bring. One of the strengths of 8th edition is that anything can theoretically deal with anything, but more importantly in our "rule of cool" oriented group, I don't want to create an atmosphere where anybody has to somehow apologize for bringing along a cool army or unit (or worse yet has to leave at home a cool army or unit) that they want to paint up and show off (in particular, the idea that you should clear Lords of War with your opponent is based, I think, in a previous-edition mindset where having one was an "I-win" button in a way that it really isn't in 8th, at least against an opponent who remembers to bring along any anti-tank to speak of). That's an opinion strongly held, and something I'm not inclined to budge on, I'm afraid.

Then as usual day 2 would be free play. At the time of writing, I'd be interested in organizing a kill team campaign day, with 5 linked games with experience and leveling up and territory management and all that fun jazz, and if someone else wants to organize something else for the day that'd be dandy as well.

Also, if someone wants to organize a painting competition that, too, would be cool!
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Re: NH2019 Extremely Preliminary Thoughts

Post by YellowStreak » Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:46 pm

You could do 3 x 1000 point games but not require people to take the same list for all 3 games (give a chance to use all the toys for those that have them), or use list restrictions for certain rounds (didn't we do that a few years back? Like no heavy support in game one, no fast attack in game 2, etc?)
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