NagoyaHammer 2019: 40K Day, Saturday May 4

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NagoyaHammer 2019: 40K Day, Saturday May 4

Postby The Other Dave on Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:13 am

Hey all,
Well, it’s fast approaching! NagoyaHammer this year (run, for some reason, by me) will be on the 3rd and 4th of May, Friday and Saturday. The traditional 40K tournament (although we’re so casual I hesitate to call it that) will be on the second day, Saturday the 4th. Here is the preliminary rules and expectations doc I’ve worked up - comments are welcome!

Three 1000-point games, two hours each.
1. Rule of Two as per Big FAQ 1, and Matched Play Mission Rules as per CA2018.
* Note that an Auxiliary Support Detachment or Fortification Network IS a Detachment for Rule of Two purposes!
* Editorial comment: There are no other army selection rules, but please do consider time constraints and whether you, your playstyle, and your comfort with the rules can handle, say, moving and rolling dice for 80 cultists or termagants or boyz or whatever without bogging the game down. Note rules for deciding winners and losers in slow games below.
* Editorial comment, corollary: This also means that you should be ready to face whatever a 1000-point 40K force can throw at you. If you bring nothing that can punch through armor and get roflstomped by a knight, I don’t want to hear about it.

2. Winner decided by best W/L record -> most VP scored -> fewest VP given up.
* Games that do not finish according to the scenario rules for battle length, but finish 5 complete battle rounds, will determine victor according to the scenario rules.
* Games that do not finish 5 complete rounds, but do finish at least 3 complete rounds, will count as ties for W/L record, but VP will be recorded.
* Games that fail to complete three full rounds (unlikely, with 1000 point games and two-hour time limits) will count as ties with 0 VP scored.

3. All games each round will use the same scenario, chosen by myself and announced on the day (nothing fancy, just Eternal War scenarios from the rulebook / chapter approved, but expect a bias towards objective-focused scenarios and plan accordingly).

Please prepare:
* At least three objective markers.
* A hard-copy printout of the Rules Primer.
* A hard-copy printout of your army list, with unit stats and relevant special rules. BattleScribe, for example, will do this for you, and it’s free.
* A hard-copy printout of the latest FAQ, with any rules or clarifications relevant to your army highlighted.
* Some sort of hard copy of any Stratagems relevant to your army – either a document, or a copy of the relevant rulebook pages, or the cards GW makes, or what have you.
* Editorial comment: In all of this, my first overarching goal is to not have people rely on the full rulebook and codex and all the page-flipping that requires, and the other is to try and ensure that everybody has familiarized themselves with the rules for the army they bring that day. You should have just the rules you need for your army, in a single easy-to-access hardcopy document. Ideally you should know your army and its rules well enough that need to reference will be minimal.

Big FAQ 1: ... 018_en.pdf
Big FAQ 2: ... 2_en-2.pdf
All the codex and rulebook FAQs (find the one for your codex):
Rules Primer: ... 000_en.pdf

Note that there is a third big FAQ due out during April - expect that, unless there are major shakeups, we'll be using it, but I'll take a look when it drops and make an official decision as soon as I can.
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Re: NagoyaHammer 2019: 40K Day, Saturday May 4

Postby me_in_japan on Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:12 pm

Roger that! I make no promises as to my attendance, as per usual, but again, as per usual, I will do my best to be there. Many thanks for organising this!
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