Necromunda 2017

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Necromunda 2017

Postby Konrad on Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:55 pm

Any of you lot keen to try the new Necro? I know I am.
Some madman going by Aarhun on Reddit transcribed the whole thing into a PDF and posted it here. Apparently translating it from French while he did it. It looks like he added the Scenario rules since I looked last, so you could get playing with just this. I think all that is missing is the Tactics cards and I don't know how important they are.

It's full of typos, but according to the reviews so is the real deal......... Here is a good review I spotted on 3++.

I'm sort of waiting until the general community geek hive-mind comes up with some house-rule fixes or GW comes out with a FAQ and Errata before diving right in. That and it's still winter and I'm still in my Frostgrave mood. Come February-March I say we get a Turf-War rolling!

And of course I am already doodling Gorkamorka/Ash-Waste/Necro2017 roolz on the backs of old worksheets between classes..........
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Re: Necromunda 2017

Postby Primarch on Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:40 am

Some sort of SF skirmish, yeah I'm interested. The new Necromunda specifically, no, not really all that bothered. The minis are nice, but out of scale with everything else and the contents of the box set look uninspiring compared to the cardstock/plastic terrain in the old Necromunda set. The 3++ review of the rules hasn't done much to warm me to them either. So GW won't be getting any of my cash this time.

The previous version was workable, but had some pretty major flaws in terms of missions and so forth. I remember several times I spent longer on setting up the table than I did playing. The mission mentioned in the 3++ review being of particular note (and the last game I played) when Konrad's gang turned up, blew up my water pump with a plasma gun, mowed down my two sentries and legged it. The only dice I rolled were in the post game sequence.

I like the imagery of Necromunda, but one thing I found when playing was that the terrain usually didn't match said imagery and there was rarely a reason to use it. Most games involved walking around at ground level because the gantries were too dangerous if you fell. Plus we'd usually have a table with a couple of buildings and a couple of walkways to nowhere.

My final criticism isn't about Necromunda so much as it is about games of that type. Too often we all plan to play games and never quite get around to doing so. Campaigns fizzle after a single day of gaming. How many times have people played Shadow Wars: Armageddon since last NagoyaHammer when it was the hottest thing around? I know I tend to fall into this trap too.

So for me to get back into Necromunda I'd need to see a few things that the new version seems to lack, to wit:
A tighter set of rules that doesn't try to achieve balance through cripplingly difficult missions.
More/better vertical terrain. (Konrad's home made gantries are a good example)
A reason to use it.
A commitment from a significant portion of our group to play a campaign for a few months without dropping it after one game to play the next flavour of the month.

If we could get some sort of community terrain building program going on, it would be awesome to play on a proper Necromunda table full of walkways, chasms, pipes of sewage and effluent, rickety bridges, improbable architecture and sprawling shanty towns.
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Re: Necromunda 2017

Postby Lovejoy on Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:39 pm

I’m quite intrigued...I missed out on the game first time around (I had gotten out of gaming at the time). I’m keeping an eye on it, and if there were a few adopters I probably would pick up something for it. The box is shiny, and the new models seem to very cleverly put together in terms of options etc. Neither faction is quite up my alley I don’t think, but I’m keen to see Van Saar, Cawdor etc. Then we’ll see.
Mind you, I do have Dredd, which I will keep playing (Mus and I discussed running an Apocalypse War game next year), so whether I need to jump on board another sci fi skirmisher remains to be seen. And it’s not like I get out more than once in a blue moon at present anyway. Shadow War Armageddon is still languishing on the shelf too.
But, yeah. That said, interest still piqued.
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Re: Necromunda 2017

Postby me_in_japan on Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:12 am

I could be interested. I mean, I am interested, but am a bit afraid to commit because Nagoya is kinda far away and if I get the option to game elsewhere it tends to get preferential treatment. Anyway - put me down as a "probably". As long as I can get hold of a rulebook (digital or otherwise), as I dont have any interest in buying a box full of minis I already have (what is in the box, anyway? Terrain? Tiles? Are they necessary or is a tabletop ok? Howsit work, then?) Anyway. That's my current state of thinking.
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