Spring 2019 Update

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Spring 2019 Update

Post by The Other Dave » Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:03 pm

The spring update (FAQ, beta rules, etc) dropped today, and I guess it's a good sign for the state of the game that there aren't really any big changes.


Mostly rules clarifications, a lot of which have to do with Flyers and how they can and can't move and be moved through. In particular, models with FLY and a minimum move characteristic don't block any other units' movement, which makes sense and stops some odd shenanigans, and units with FLY can charge over intervening models (but not buildings).

The Bolter Discipline rule is in, the only change being that only Dreadnoughts (and Helbrutes) get the "always fire twice out to full range" thing, instead of all vehicles.

The Prepared Positions stratagem has been clarified a bit - aircraft, titanic units, and fortifications can't dig in at the start of the battle, which again makes sense.

Some clarifications on Tactical Restraint - psychic powers count for the limit, and you can't refund CPs spent before the battle at all.

No change to Tactical Reserves from the previous formulation.

Another Knight nerf - you can't use Rotate Ion Shields to improve their unvulnerable save beyond 4+, which is a very good thing, not that we use Castellans in our meta at all.

The Assassin stratagem is bumped up to 2CP in matched play, some changes to Ork and Eldar stuff, Knight Castellan points revised, little stuff like that.

Overall, nothing too exciting, which is, again, probably a good sign that the game is in a good place.
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