Have some models to sell or bits to trade? Do you need that 1 tiny piece to finish your conversion? Please post here.
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Post by Primarch » Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:52 pm

Firstly, Nagoyahammer and its owners take no responsibility for any problems encountered when trading models, books etc. Any agreements should be made between two consenting adults. Please work things out between you.

Make sure you are happy with any arrangements before you agree to anything. If in doubt, get a friend to check the price you are paying. Check out other shops and websites before you fix a price.

Be sure to check postage costs before you send anything.

It is up to you to arrange payment/delivery/collection of any and all transactions. If you have any feedback on member's trading, please post it in the feedback threads.

Anyone found to be cheating, swindling or doing anything dodgy may have their board membership revoked and their name passed along to the Imperial Inquisition.
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