Selling/Trading Malifaux Arcanists and many Battlefoam Bags

Have some models to sell or bits to trade? Do you need that 1 tiny piece to finish your conversion? Please post here.

Selling/Trading Malifaux Arcanists and many Battlefoam Bags

Postby Vlad on Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:34 am

Haven't been checking this forum for a long time, but it might be the right place to sell/trade some of my stuff. I have good references on Bartertown, and am an known player in the Kyushu area. I prefer payment via bank transfer, but would except PayPal as well.

I'm looking to sell or trade my Malifaux Arcanist lot, as well as some Battlefoam bags.

Here's what I have (MSRP listed for reference only):


$09.50 1x Ramos (painted)
$10.50 1x Ramos Alternate (painted)
$28.00 1x Ramos Avatar (not assembled)
$10.50 1x Kaeris (not assembled)
$09.50 1x Gunsmith Male (not assembled)
$09.50 1x Gunsmith Female (not assembled)
$15.00 1x Soulstone Miner (painted)
$15.00 1x Large Steampunk Arachnid (painted)
$31.50 9x Steampunk Arachnid (painted)
$21.00 2x Steampunk Arachnid Swarm (painted)
$16.50 1x Steamborg Executioner (painted、not in the pictures)
$09.50 1x Joss (painted)
$20.00 3x Union Miner (not assembled)
$09.00 1x Brass Arachnid (painted)
$09.00 1x Electrical Creation (painted)

Some pictures of the painted miniatures can be found here:

Battlefoam - all bags in good conditions, with no significant sign of wear.
$81.99 2x Malifaux Bag (both brown), bottom trays arranged like this:
Bag 1
Bag 2

$202.99 Privateer Press Big Bag
$156.99 Privateer Press Warmachine Bag
$109.99 Infinity Alpha Bag
$41.99 Infinity Beta Bag

I will sell the Arcanists lot for 13,000 + shipping. If you want a Malifaux bag with it add 5,000 , and if you want both bags, add 9,000. I'd prefer to sell the lot with at least one bag, as it would simplify packing and shipping, but it is not a necessary requirement - offers for the miniatures alone are welcome.

Both Privateer Press Bags are largely designed to fit Cryx stuff, but should fit other faction miniatures as well, depending on what you've got. I can send some details about the trays if you are interested. I would prefer selling both PP bags as a set, and I would sell them for 21,000.

As for the Infinity bags, I'd sell the Alpha bag for 6,500, and the Beta for 2,500.

As for trades, a rather extensive list of my WANTS can be found below.


1x Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 720 Bag (black)

Malifaux + Misc.
2x Beckoners
1x Mr.Tannen
3x The Depleted
3x Silurids
1x Bad Juju
1x Hooded Rider
1x Insidious Madness
1x Mysterious Effigy
1x Weaver Widow
1x Spawn Mother
2x Gupps

1x Carrion Effigy
1x Hodgepodge Effigy
1x Arcane Effigy
1x Hamelin the Ratcatcher (Minion)

Warmahordes - Cryx, Mercs, Minions
1x Terminus
2x Wraith Engine
1x Nightmare
10x Bloodgorgers
1x Gerlak Slaugtherborn
10x Bloodwitches
1x Bloodhag
1x Daragh Wrathe
10x Blackbane's Raiders
10x Bane Knights
1x Satyxis Raider Captain

10x Press Gangers
10x Sea Dog Crew
10x Nyss Hunters
10x Croe's Cutthroats
1x Ogrun Bokur
1x Orin Midwinter
1x Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile
1x Lord Rockbottom
1x Wrongeye & Snapjaw
1x Ragman

Warhammer Fantasy - High Elves
20x White Lions (anything after 6th ed.)
10x Phoenix Guard (6th ed. metal version)
1x Korhil (most recent version)
1x Caradrian (most recent version)
1x Alith Anar (most recent version)
1x Teclis (post 6th ed.)
1x Tyrion (post 6th ed.)
1x Dragon Rider (most recent plastic kit)

Battlefleet Gothic - IN & Eldar
1x Ramilies Starfort
1x Space Dock
1x Emperor Battleship
1x Retribution Battleship
1x Avenger
1x Grand Cruiser (any design)
1x Dauntless

6x Hemlocks
6x Nightshades

Firestorm Armada - Sorylian Collective
10x Corvettes
3x Destroyers
1x Starter Set

Freebooters Fate - Pirates & Brotherhood
Anything not included in the starter sets of the above factions

Infinity - Nomads & Haqq/Qapu Qhalki
1x Moderator with Spitfire
1x Bakunin Uberfallskommando
1x Carlotta Kowalsky
1x Tomcat Engineer
1x Tomcat (Combi Rifle, Light FT + DEP)
1x Inteventor (female)
1x Spektr (Hacker)
1x Moran, Masai Hunters (Boarding Shotgun, Crazy Koalas)

1x Ghulam (Panzerfaust)
1x Ghulam (Hacker)
1x Bashi Bazouk (Combi Rifle, E-Mauler)
1x Jannissary with AP Rifle
1x Azra'il with AP Rifle and Panzerfaust
1x Azra'il with Feuerbach
2x Hafza with Rifle + Light Shotgun (usually two miniatures in one blister)

That's about it, PM me if you are interested.
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