IG, Dark Eldar for sale

Have some models to sell or bits to trade? Do you need that 1 tiny piece to finish your conversion? Please post here.

IG, Dark Eldar for sale

Postby The Underdweller on Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:15 pm


A friend of mine is doing housecleaning. They have some 40K figures from their school days, and they want to sell them. Any reasonable offer will be considered, I assume.

Here's the information I got:

Imperial Guard:

2 x Imperial Guard Autocannon teams (in pack)
2 x Imperial Guard Heavy Bolter teams (in pack)
1 x Roughrider figure (in pack)

The IG are metal figs from 4th Edition I believe

Dark Eldar:

Approximately 18 4-figure blister packs of Dark Eldar warrior

Dark Eldar are all plastic, from 4th as well. Anyone who takes the
Dark Eldar can also have some pre-painted Wyches


I also have a collection of Citadel paints, inks, and washes.
Approximately 300 containers
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