MiJ sells a whole passel of random stuff.

Have some models to sell or bits to trade? Do you need that 1 tiny piece to finish your conversion? Please post here.
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MiJ sells a whole passel of random stuff.

Post by me_in_japan » Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:31 pm

I also posted this list to the the Wargamers in Japan buy/sell page, here and here so things may go. Or not, since there havent been any nibbles so far. But anyway. I've decided to shift a bunch of stuff I've had lying around for too long. If any y'all are interested, let me know either here or by PM. Prices are solid-ish, but I'm not against a certain amount of negotiation, especially if you've seen the same thing elsewhere for cheaper. All prices in yen. So, here we go:

GW stuff. All untouched/unassembled, but boxes are opened. The exception is the Lord of Slaanesh on boobworm who has a light prime of black (but is unassembled). All are metal except the doomwheel.

Khorne lord on Juggernaut 4500
Lord of Tzeentch (Fatemaster) on disc 4500
Lord of Slaanesh on Daemonic Mount 2500
Skaven Doomwheel 3700
GD 2007 orc 2500
GD Dwarf Slayer on GD head 2000
Nazgrub Wurrzag (GorkaMorka ork prospector) 3500

Collectible rarities (OOP, and Ltd Edition for all of em).
Studio McVey (both with certificates of authenticity)
Ar-Fienel (v2) 5000
Ar-Fiach 3000

Raining Frogs
Barbarian Dude redux (w sword) NIB 4500

Rackham/Confrontation (all metal, all untouched in open boxes except the Dirz Biopsist who is painted, and the wolfen with halberd who is assembled bare metal).
Wolfen with halberd 2000
Nefarius Clone 4000
Molochs 10000
Worg waxing moon 5000
Biopsist of dirz 1000
Tanath 2000
Master of puppets 1000
Araqsalil the skinner 1000
Cthonic Larva 1000
Onetal and Echahim (for the pair) 1000

I'll get pictures up tomorrow if I have time, or you can look at the facebook post. If you have any questions, just ask :)

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