Warhammer Fantasy: Empire (and others) Wanted.

Do you need some parts or models to finish off a squad. Place your requests in here.
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Warhammer Fantasy: Empire (and others) Wanted.

Post by Primarch » Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:24 pm

As one can never have too many projects that they start and never get around to completing, I thought I would ask around and see if anyone has any old WFB bits and pieces they would like to be rid of.
Primarily I am looking for older WFB Empire minis, the puffier the sleeves the better. For example, I am after the really old mono-pose plastic spearmen and hand gunners that came in the 6th edition starter set, but anything from around that era would be cool.

The old Mordheim/Empire Militia minis are also high on my wish list as well.

If anyone has any other spare WFB minis kicking around that they'd like to unload, let me know. I'm not looking to buy an army, but if you have a couple of old goblins/chaos warriors/dark elves gathering dust, I'll consider taking them off your hands.
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