Farewell to Forty K

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Re: Farewell to Forty K

Postby Primarch on Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:58 am

And the last of the marine infantry.

Back row
4 Power Weapons and Bolt Pistols, 1 Bolter and Bionic Leg, 3 Combi-Meltas, 1 Combi-Flamer.
Front row
5 Bolt Pistols and Chain Swords, 3 Bolt Pistols and Power Fists, 2 Plasma Pistols and Power Weapons.

Assault Marines on foot.
20 Bolt Pistols (a couple of Plasma Pistols) and Chain Swords.

Scouts and Sternguard.
5 Sternguard, 5 Assault Scouts, 4 Snipers 1 Heavy Bolter.

Specialist Weapons.
Back row
9 Flamers, 2 Plasma Guns, 1 Combi-Grav, 1 Combi-Flamer, 1 Combi-Melta
Front row
3 Kitbashed Combi-Plasma, 3 Melta Guns

Tactical Marines.
68 Tactical Marines with Bolters.

There will be some vehicles posted up soon.
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