Bolt Action Polish Army For Sale

If you have some models or parts you want to sell or trade please list them here.
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Bolt Action Polish Army For Sale

Post by Primarch » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:51 am

It would appear that I have far too many armies for Bolt Action, so I think I should make some space. To that end, I have decided to see if I can sell my Early War Polish Army.

The Army includes.
1 Officer
1 Medic
2 Observers/Radio Operators
1 Sniper Team
1 Anti-tank Rifle Team
2x 15 Man Infantry Squads
1 Medium Mortar Team
1 MMG Team
1 Light Anti-Tank Gun
1 Light Howitzer
1 7TP Tank
The models are unassembled and unpainted.

New, this army would cost a little over 100GBP. Taken as a Regular force it comes to about 800 points.
I'm looking for 12,500 Yen for the entire army.

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