Chaos Space Marine miniatures on the chopping block

If you have some models or parts you want to sell or trade please list them here.

Chaos Space Marine miniatures on the chopping block

Postby Hawkmoon333 on Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:10 am

Hey all! Spring is rapidly approaching (hopefully) and I’m trying to do a little bit of pre-spring cleaning and empty out my closets of excess gaming stuff.
So I was wondering if anyone was interested in some warhammer 40k stuff.
It’s all Chaos Space Marines stuff.
What you'll get is: a collection of assembled and primed space marines along with one Rhino transport, two chaos obliterators, a chaos terminator lord, a box of components (enough to assemble at least another 5-8 space marines with many bits to spare) and a snazzy carrying case.
I’m open to negotiation but will start with asking 15000 for everything with shipping included.
PM me for further details. I have pictures available upon request!
I also have a selection of Warhammer fantasy miniatures if anyone is interested!
Thanks for reading! :D
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