Nightfall- As expected- The Seer

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Nightfall- As expected- The Seer

Post by Konrad » Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:33 am

This is the Seer's take on the meeting. I'm hoping to make the Seer faction feel like a band of the cold, calculating, scientists, not psuedo-religious oracles. Thier psychic prognostication is the result of science. A bit of Asimov Foundation inspired psycho history here. It looks like magic, because it's so advanced that it operates that way. Unfortunately the surest way to predict the future is to control the present isn't it. And when the scientists read minds like economists look at interest rate data.....some pretty scary thought police scenarios begin to emerge.

The Scene- We return to the Seer, alone in his crystal sphere atop his emerald world. Outside the dome, the timeless night burns with stars. But look! The pinpoint stars beyond begin to lengthen, stretch into brilliant strands of light. These strands bend, weave, pulse with color visible only with the mind’s eye. This is the Web. The Seer lifts a hand to a strand, plucks it and is transported, Up? Out?, to a place in between places, to a time outside of time. The Web fades in the distance, only to assume the shape of a single strand, and then more strands join it. By now, patterns emerge, warp and weft. The Seer approaches 3 figures regarding the woven fabric of the past and the threads of the future ; a loom of time.. They hold 5 glowing strands, joined together briefly, then separated again.

The Fates- (in unison)  We see the meeting was as predicted.
The Seer- Naturally. It merely confirms what was foreseen. The factions will not put aside personal interest for the good of the Path. They will continue to remain obstinate to our reasonable entreaties, our guidance, our logic. The route that remains open to us is a dangerous one, but unavoidable.
The Fates- You have made the necessary arrangements.
The Seer- Our supporters have already been well prepared and merely wait for the fated hour. We may not have fleets or vast armies at our disposal, but those factions that do don’t dare use them. They are factors of no importance. The Path is the elevation, the perfection of the Mind. The powers of the Mind are superior to any other and we are the masters of that realm.
The Fates (looking to a dark shadow in the distance, a tangle of mottled strands, a dank, treacherous spider –web covered forest) Darker times are yet to come. That is unavoidable. The prognosis is grim. To survive, the strands of fate we have for so long…
1st Fate …Spun,
2nd Fate Measured.
3rd Fate and Woven.
The Seer- Some will have to be Cut.
...and now his Head was full of nothing but Inchantments, Quarrels, Battles, Challenges, Wounds, Complaints, Amours, and abundance of Stuff and Impossibilities.....
Cervantes, Don Quixote

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Re: Nightfall- As expected- The Seer

Post by Primarch » Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:30 pm

I like Asimov and I love the Foundation series.
It looks like everything is coming together nicely. I'm looking forward to reading the next part of this series.
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