Nightfall- Harlequin vs Exodite

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Nightfall- Harlequin vs Exodite

Post by Konrad » Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:52 pm

The Troupe Master lounges in the recently vacated captain’s chair. Sprawled sideways, the Master’s long legs are carelessly and comfortably propped up on a convenient command console. His idle gaze drifts among the many view screens that float about in the air. Each displays a different chamber or hold, the ship’s many eyes turned inward searching its own depths. One catches his interest and he waves it closer. It reveals a nervous, disheveled figure. Clutching a sword and pistol the fugitive is cautiously edging its way down a dark and unfortunately, no longer secret corridor.

If the Master smiles, it is concealed by the maniac grin carved into his mask. He leans closer to the view screen. As he does, an identical image of that grinning mask materializes behind his unwilling collaborator in the day’s drama.

“Ah Captain. There you are.” the Master and mask say simultaneously. The chair’s former occupant spins with a snarl and slashes thin air. The mask merely grins a little wider.

The Captain turns in disgust from the illusion and shouts out into the darkness, “You can’t do this to me! I have connections, friends in high places…”.

“None of whom can help you out here, my captain.”, the mask answers for the silent, surrounding gloom. “And remember how many more of those friends you have betrayed, how many, many more you have destroyed.”

“Look, we are practically on the same side. We both just want Freedom. We both make and live by our own rules. We can make a deal.”

“That may have been possible once Captain. I will admit we watched you with some admiration at first. You had a certain flair. But in time you proved to be nothing but a corsair, a thief, a common thug, preying not on the corrupt but the weak. This noble vessel, this star kissed stage of strange and wondrous journey, became nothing more than a means to sate your infantile greed for….what…? Material wealth? Pathetic.”

“If you want the ship, she’s yours. Let me go and I can tell you all her secrets. I’ll show you the log of all the places she’s been and what’s there for the picking. There are secret storerooms hidden in her you can only reach through dreams. I’ve got keys to webway gates that even you don’t know about. That’s got to be worth letting me go.”

“And thus he betrays even his faithful mistress. How thematically appropriate you will meet your end hunted through her holds like an animal. She and your other victims demand Justice.” The Master pauses to adjust his costume. “Not that Justice is of great concern to me, but Retribution makes for fine Drama.”

The Captain, enraged, screams into the darkness. “You want Drama you freak! I’ll give you Drama! It ends with me burning that (untranslatable, and thankfully so, expletive) grin off you (expletive continued) face!”

“Now that’s more like it! You can always count on a sailor for a colorful turn of phrase. Hold that pose Captain! We’ll be down in a minute.” As the view screen fades the Master springs lightly to his feet. Clapping his hands, he calls to his Troupe. “Places everyone! Final scene.”
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Re: Nightfall- Harlequin vs Exodite

Post by Primarch » Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:08 am

Good, good. We want more! Well, I do at any rate. All these little dramas and scenes are unfolding very nicely and you've certainly caught my attention.

I hope you're busy working on some rules so that we can all take part in the Nightfall.
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