Nightfall- Seer vs Cabal

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Nightfall- Seer vs Cabal

Post by Konrad » Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:05 am

I wrote this bit next, after the "As expected" stuff. That's probabaly why it's written like a play. It's also more wordy than the other "vs" stories, so it fits. Not sure if I would keep it in script style or switch to prose like the other "vs" stories ended up being.

The Scene
We enter the scene of a recent Engagement.. There has not yet been time for the area’s nanomachines to make any noticable progress on reforming the shattered funiture and scorched walls. They will make even less progress reforming the corpse. In addtion to the corpse, the room’s occupants include a coitere of Seers accompanied by a Farseer, and a pale, trembling youth.

The Farseer- This Engagement has been a great shock for the subject. Would you be so kind?

The Warlocks usher the youth out of the room. Passing the tall helmeted figure of the Farseer, the youth looks up, but can’t seem to focus and dazedly drifts by into an outer passage.

The Farseer regards the corpse. A faint light illuminates it. The light grows brighter and brigher until it fills the room, and then condenses into a single gleaming point, hovering in front of the Farseer. But what a change this light has wrought! The room is restored. The youth is miraclously present, still pale, still trembling though. And an even greater miracle, the corpse is quite alive and apparently quite healthy. It healthily and angrily addresses the youth. Though it does not address the Farseer. Both seem oblivious to his prescence.

The Corpse - What do you mean you want out? Nobody leaves the Cabal, and nobody, nobody leaves me!

The Subject- He tells me I’ll leave. He says I have to. He says my decision will affect others, many others. He says it’ my destiny. I believe him.

The Corpse- Destiny! Just another word for rules and fear. After everything I’ve taught you, after everything I’ve made you, you are still tied down with their strings? And I have made you Everything! (quietly, but not much less harshly)
After all you’ve seen and done, do you think you can just go back to being a piece in his puzzle? (continues almost affectionately) A butterfly can’t return to it’s coccoon.

The Subject- I don’t know who or what I am anymore. I’m so tired, I can’t take anymore. Don’t make me do anymore, I’m finished. He said…

The Corpse- And I say he’ll take you over my dead….

The Farseer - ….body. Yes that was predicted and carried out.

The Corpse - You! What! How! Arr…..Whatever….
(draws an small ugly weapon and with an ugly snarl fires point blank)
(Shots whine through the air, all inexplicibly missing their dead-center target.)

The Farseer- You already tried that. There has been death here, but only yours. You were slain resisting my Warlocks. This conversation will never happen. You are have been removed from the chain of cause and effect. You are a non-entity, a variable with a probability of zero. You would cease to exist entirely as soon as I leave, your soul free to enter whatever perverse afterlife you’ve crafted for it. But I won’t let that happen. Instead, I’ve brought you a gift.

The Farseer beckons the point of light closer, revealing it to be a shining jewel.

The Corpse- A soulstone?

The Farseer- Your soulstone, to be precise. Doesn’t your Faction preach the Path is the Self?
Well, I have granted your wish. Everything that is your….(almost spiting the word)…. Self is here in this gem..

The Corpse- Why?

The Farseer- Why indeed? My chil…, the subject and I are leaving now. In our absence, in the absence of everthing, you’ll have all eternity to ponder that question. All…by….yourself.

The Farseer takes the Subject’s hand and both fade back into existence. The soulstone’s light grows, filling the room. Nothing is left but the light and a long, lonely, noiseless scream.
...and now his Head was full of nothing but Inchantments, Quarrels, Battles, Challenges, Wounds, Complaints, Amours, and abundance of Stuff and Impossibilities.....
Cervantes, Don Quixote

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Re: Nightfall- Seer vs Cabal

Post by Primarch » Wed Jan 26, 2011 1:12 am

The plot as they say, thickens.

I quite like the 'script' style. It introduces a difference between the different factions. Maybe have 1 faction wrote in script, one in first person, one in third person etc. It will help to identify the groups a little perhaps?
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