Wood Elf battle reports 2010 7'th edition

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Wood Elf battle reports 2010 7'th edition

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I noticed Kojibear and Mike were posting battle reports about Wood Elves and Beastmen in recent months so I thought I would dig out these battle reports I wrote last year. The last game was against Beastmen also.

Warning: Complete Lord of the Rings campness follows.

Elven year 850. Before the storm. Battle reports remembered by Bellas Findolfin.

It had been a harsh winter for the Elves. Having lost great forces in the Bretonnian invasions a vast amount of time had been spent on respite and lamentations. The bards have created many epic songs of woe and remembrance for the Nobles who had fought hard and long in that desolation of the Forest. Many died a gallant death.

For the first time since our lore can recall we have been defeated by a worthy foe. The Bretonnians are unlike other races of men in The Old World. They hold honor and chivalry in the highest of esteems and never go back on their promise once made. If not for their brash ways and proud human ego they would match our valor. Alas they can never be Elven but we and The Forest have chosen our fate. We now side with Bretonnia as long as they send no further hunting parties to pillage our woods and we grant them safety on the borders of Athel Loren our two nations are united in an alliance. Bretonnia have now built a fortress close to our perimeters, we are sworn to protect them should their enemies attack.

The war between The Forest and man have gone unnoticed for 100s of years. The Empire and the Chaos lands are far north of the grey mountains giving us protection from corruption and worldly matter. Even the finest legions of Karl Franz would become lost in out maze of pines, oaks, beech and ash. The Old World is threatened by Daemons and cults of changing ways but even their darkest magic could not contest our secret ways of stealth and our excellent schools of archery. Our magic is of something older. Something simple. It lies with the elements. There is no chaotic manipulation in our darkness. Our power comes from a time when the world was young. Before man walked the plains, long ago when Dwarf was underground and dragon lay asleep as our friends. We are now at peace with the lands around us.

Almost a year has passed without trouble. The King of The Forest, Orion has held great banquets in the Glade on Springtide moon. The nobility of fair Bretonnia have been our guests at these feasts. We delight to see dryads and wood nymphs dancing with their beautiful maidens. It has pleased Orion to sound the hunting horn at the change into Summer and ride among Pegasus wings and glade rider in the hunt for the Shanladothin.
The evasive creature was sought far and abroad for weeks at a time until we finally tracked it to the dipping pool. Our fellow Bretonnian laughed in astonishment when after draining it's blood we let it go free. Such is the custom of our land.

A second winter approaches since the alliance. The feasting in the glade has finally come to an end. A week has passed since our friends returned to their castles on the border when we hear of a new terror. Travelling south across the mountains an undead horde of vampire and necromancers are heading in the direction of fair Loren. We can try to waylay their progress with tricks and deceptions in the maze but we cannot risk the possibility that the horde will grow in number. Necromancy is well known for summoning great numbers to it's banner. Old father Beard had called a moot with the eldar treeman this night. We Elves must wait for their decision.

We march today. It has been decided. The Bretonnians join our force. We have deployed our finest dryads and wardancers in
the wood stretching north. Our allies are to the left in the clear land to enable their charge. The Glade Riders are to our
right with volley and bow. Father Beard leads from the front and steadies his dryads commanding them to hold until relieved.
> >
> > And so it begins. The Forest is quiet, the air is still. Although it is dawn there is no light in the sky. A shadow grows
in our land.
> >
> > To the left we hear the rushing of wings and in the distance there is a steady humming sound on the air. The dead awaken.
They approach.
> >
> > A shot from our good Noble Harlidin is fired. The arrow splits into eleven and rains down as a hail of doom upon the foul
winged beast. Vargrim is it's name.
> > It seems to yield little damage.
> >
> > A horn sounds, not Elven, a boulder is fired toward enemy camp. An almighty crash and splintering of bone can be heard by
our listeners.
> > To our right ghouls can be seen through the trees led by a wolf man. The wardancers frenzied by their hero Slakell Bayleaf charge into open ground towards them. Some fell necromancy is at work as we lose the element of surprise and the mighty dancers are engulfed almost in an instant. The entire unit cut down.
> >
> > The Dryads desperate to retaliate are ordered to stay with Father Beard.
> >
> > Fair Bretonnia comes to our aid and makes light work off the wolfman and his ghoulish pack. Suddenly we are forced to regroup in the wood and hold the line against a crashing horde of zombies attacks our dryads. This appears no match as we meet them head on and in each flank with the force of Bretonnian knights to the right and Father Beard now in tree man form to the
left. The zombies keep us pinned for an age it seems but slowly dwindle.
> >
> > A unit of skeletons led by the Vampire General is stalking through trees to our left. Our Dryads and Noble Harlidin are fleeing for reason unknown. Luckily Harlidin sounds a rally and The Dryads regroup at the south of the wood. They are immediately charged by the head vampire and his minions. A huge force he has mustered.
> >
> > The head vampire issues a challenge to our Branchwraith Skyrer to which she happily accepts with surprise. A Vampire to take on a living amalgamation of wooden razor sharp stakes is a delight indeed. Luck is on our side as the Vampire fails to wound and she strikes. With 1, then 2 and 3 swipes she pierces his heart with her talons. The Vampire perishes and the horde crumble to dust without its master.
> > Silence returns to the forest.
> >
> > Afterword.
> >
We are once again at peace. We have heard news from our neighbour. A human father has lost his daughter, perhaps waylaid at last Summertide feast. It is uncertain. We have our families and homes within the forest but even we cannot dictate control over the spites of Loren nor can we learn all of its activities. We can merely exist in as much harmony as we can alongside them. If this daughter of man has been spirited away by faerie house we are unable to confirm how or why this must be. We must begin council with Bretonnia before this misunderstanding has chance to escalate.
> >
> > Sung by Bellas Findolfin of Loren.

After this battle there was a doubles game between Brettonia and Wood Elf Vs Vampires and Daemons.
We didn't have a hope.

Battlereport sung by Bellas Findolfin.

An ode to the glade gaurd thus fallen on the Paravion border.

The trumpet rang
Glade Guard made stand
In forests fair
Their borders ere
long defended, long forgot,
The springtide moon forget me not

The banner flew
Glade Guard withdrew
It's colour wild, free but blue.
Pink Horror struck
and so our luck
Fell like rains flooding forget me not

From 10 to 8
Elves met their fate
From 8 to gloom
Only two unswoon.
Banners rise
The living dead despise
with Daemon Prince afore our eyes

We stand tall as forefathers
In vain this boon
Bane has come
To Athel Loren
Trees are felled in vamparic doom
Within this night
beneath their moon

Cut necromancer found
still with bow and sword in hand
yet we stand
alas the dead run free
In our dear land.

Head Count sought
Alas wrung to nought
We can be free
with spirit and tree
for fair Brettonia brings aid to thee.

So sang our harpers last evensong in rememberance of the fallen.

We have little left. Our army is broken and has returned to forest camp deeper inside the wood. Athel Loren must keep us safe for the present but their is know way of knowing how long we can hold our inner perimeters. Our councils with Brettonia will continue and we hope that a peace can be found that will strengthen the defenses against the undead horde and scourge of chaos.
Father Beard musters a greater army for next time.

Wood Elves Vs Beastmen Battle Report (May 31st 2010). Elven year 851

Wood Elves go hunting.

With our losses against the undead we decided to take our battles back inside the forest. Orion has sounded the hunt to begin and our blood is up. Our scouts quickly pinpoint the locations of a marauding band of Beastmen mutants within our perimeters. We set our trap and place camp inside two stretches of woods. Our glade guard archers are look out on the hill next to the wood right. Out Noble Harlidin and the glade riders defend our left flank. Inside the wood are our elite dryads and wardancers accompanied by Father Beard.

The Beastmen arrive in full battalion force with 3 chariots, infantry, skirmish archers and 6 Minotaur. They also have wild wolves, 10 in number. They outflank us immediately by placing a unit of five skirmishes either side of our defenses. We are surrounded but our trap is set. Our spellsinger supports our archers on the hill. We release our first volley of arrows from the riders and our general Harlidin fires the hail of doom arrow which splits into 7. A shower of sharp flint makes fast work of the Beastmen infantry eliminating the entire first rank of 3. Likewise our archers on the hill release a volley of arrows and to wipe out 5 wolves, one complete unit.

The remaining wolves charge our archers who have now left the hill to face them on level ground. A Beastmen chariot fails it’s charge and is stuck in no man’s land. The wolves eat one of our archers whilst the unit counter-attacks reducing them to one, a timely vengeance. In time the wolf flees leaving our archers to engage with the stalled chariot. We take casualties from its impact hits but fortune is on our side as two of our fallen are regenerated by our spellsinger’s magic. We win the combat and the chariot is pursued and crushed by our glade guard.

Meanwhile on the other side of the wood our Noble Harlidin and the riders are making fast work with their arrows on the Beastmens flank attacks. They soon perish leaving our cavalry free to aim their bows forwards. We are then charged by Minotaur. They hack our Dryads to pieces and smash through our woods slaying half of our wardancers. The remaining wardancers manage to outrun their pursuit exiting at the south of the wood. The trap is sprung and the Minotaur are now cut off from the rest of their army. Trapped in our wooden labyrinth they meet once again with the wardancers and finish them off. All too late as Father Beard and Noble Harlidin appear surrounding them, Harlidin aims true with his spear while Father Beard crushes them to bones with his many attacks.

Our spellsinger manages to move the woods back and forth to confuse our enemy. The Glade Riders slay fast and by the numbers. Chariots, infantry and skirmishers are either defeated or flee from their attack. The day is fortunate.

The Beastman army has fled in great panic. Only their general remains in his chariot far from the field. Seeing his loss he turns tail back to his lands. He has been defeated, all but wiped out. The forest defends. Tonight we dine on steak.
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