Monsterpocalypse is coming back!

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Monsterpocalypse is coming back!

Post by The Other Dave » Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:14 pm ... nouncement

Good news: Monsterpocalypse is coming back! Fortunately, what seems to not be changing is the basic system, which has a really clever resource management mechanic and, at least as importantly, giant kaiju throwing each other into nuclear power plants.

Good news: It's no longer prepainted, so you can use your hobby mojo to make your ten-story-tall Chthulu look just how you want him to.

Good news good corollary: That also probably means that the plastic quality will be better, so no bendy Martian tripods with an odd chemical smell.

Good news good corollary: That also also probably means that it won't be blind-buy collectible nonsense like the initial release was.

Good news ambivalent corollary: That means you'll have to replace all your models, if you have a few boxes sitting in your closet like I do.

This is one of those things where, first of all, I really really liked the system, and had a lot of fun when I played, and I really really liked the models, and it has a reasonable model-count and plays on a small area, so I may end up picking it up as another lunchtime skirmish game a la Shadespire.
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