(40k RPG) Horus Heresy one night RPG session in Aichi

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(40k RPG) Horus Heresy one night RPG session in Aichi

Postby gatusamurajen on Wed May 25, 2011 4:38 am

Greetings, roleplayers.

(I have introduced myself and my planned campaign before, so I'll skip to the juicy bits.)

I'm looking for players for an adventure that should take one day of playing to complete. The rules system will be Rogue Trader/Dark Heresy, and the setting will be towards the end of the Great Crusade in the 40k universe, focusing on the stalling conquest of the galaxy by the Emperor's forces. The venue will ideally be somewhere in Nagoya. The PCs will be made up with the GM (that would be me, obviously) before the session, preferably in a coffee shop somewhere in Nagoya or over chat/email. Having read a few of the Horus Heresy novels is obviously helpful, although not completely necessary as I can educate those who need it on the particulars of the pre-Heresy Imperium of Man.

Another note: The PCs will be "normal" humans (as normal as they get at least, not excluding techpriests and the similarly freakish like). Therefore, unless someone has an extremely convincing argument, _no_ space marines, and no aliens.

Part of this is due to a tie-in with the campaign I'm planning, part of it is me trying to get to know people in the hobby in the local area. The date has yet to be set, but I imagine playing this sometime this summer.

I am sorry for the sketch details. Ask questions, and you shall receive answers (in due time). Reply in the thread or PM me if you are interested.

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