Tsu roleplay and reenactment society. September event.

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Tsu roleplay and reenactment society. September event.

Post by ashmie » Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:22 am

Anyway, I would love to run a one day RPG of either DR Who or Warhamner Fantasy 2nd ed. The Power behind the throne. An adventure in Middenheim.
4 to 6 players are ideal.
This will be held in September on a Sunday that suits. Please let me know your interest and availability.
Also if I book a space it's free for other games.

I would like to do something every two to three months or so.
It's going to be a roleplay and reenactment society for the Tsu group finally.
I'd love to get something new going and a bit different. Not Larp but definitely get some kind of historical reenactment going sometime. For a bit of a laugh mainly, nothing too serious.

Anyway RPG one shot in September with character generation at the beginning if you fancy it. Hope you can make it.
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