(shadowrun) skype and forum based rpging

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(shadowrun) skype and forum based rpging

Post by Colonel Voss » Fri Sep 09, 2016 3:20 am

As my miniature gaming days fade away for the foreseeable future, work being less, and the joys of doctors and lawyers; I find myself with a dearth in hobbying. That isn't to say that I have lost hope in some form of gaming, but it will have to take on a different style.

One thing I have found that I miss is Primarch's Dark Heresy game. It was quite amusing and interesting. Between the story and the player's misadventuring antics, good times were had by all.

While I enjoy the grim dark of the far future, I was looking at doing something similar again. But I remember a few problems we had like scheduling and sometimes players not having much to do during other player's actions.

So here's the pitch. An RPG game that uses both skype and the forums here (provided Prim will let us), both IC and OOC. The skype would be tentatively once a week for an hour while the forums would be full time allowing for telling of side stories and doing things when the group needs to split up into individuals as well as interesting information provided by the GM. This would be great as the game I am most interested in is Shadowrun which requires spending time with contacts.

I've been an avid fan for a long time of the game. Started in 2nd and played up till the release of 4th. It's in it's 5th edition and I have gobbled up all the books. Basing the game, I would like to avoid heavily game influenced cities such as Seattle, FDC, LA, Denver and Hong Kong among others unless you truly want to get caught up in the action. My prior group played in Seattle, LA, Denver, New Orleans and Atlanta.

Atlanta, CAS is the area my mind has focused on of late though I am more than happy to go to other locals. Other recommendations would be Phillidelphia, UCAS; London or Scotsprawl, UK; Warsaw, Poland; Rome, Italian Confederation; Paris, France. If more rural is your style Perth, Australia or Anchorage, Athabaska Council. Of course if you are feeling like facing a truly daunting challenge, GeMiTo, Chicago and Boston await.

There's a whole world out there brimming with ideas and what makes shadowrun the funnest is how the players character choices combined with the city can really influence how the game plays. NPCs truly become vibrant parts of the tapestry. Further players can choose to be runners (what I am thinking) or we can down grade it to being gangers, the little fish in the pond just trying to survive. With the forums, a mild troupe style gaming is also possible as charcter X isn't needed but doing other things on the forums.

So that is the main pitch. If no one is interested in Shadowrun, I can do things for Battletech, Infinity, or a dynasty based Rogue Trader/Dark Heresty game.
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Re: (shadowrun) skype and forum based rpging

Post by ashmie » Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:34 am

Hi just saw your post and was concerned. I had similar probs in Japan so I empathise. Not saying your probs were less than mine, far from it, you've been through a rough time but there is help out there if you ask for it. NH is a good community and I'm sure will be there for you when you are ready to come back.

I do know there are some people who like Shadowrun in the Nagoya area but I think they play at table rather than online. I would offer to play but I'm busy with 'real life' stuff at the moment and also no longer based in Japan. Do love RPG's though and understand how hard it can be to get 3 or 4 people around a table when they all have commitments. Don't give up mate just change the pace a bit. I've just started playing games that others play in order to socialise. In the past I tried to set up stuff but ultimately had to play what is popular. Doesn't mean you still can't paint and enjoy the minis you like. I had a big break from gaming and can finally enjoy it at my pace a lot more now.
I hope you find some peace and can be clear of stress. I don't have any advice really other than see people and keep connected to others. I spent way too long on my own in Japan and sometimes that lead to negative outcomes. Losing my job etc. Been there. I'm praying for your recovery.

edit# I was lucky to have MiJ around the corner and a few others on here to help me through when the chips were down. I'm blessed for that.
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