GW's forthcoming range of introductory board games

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GW's forthcoming range of introductory board games

Postby The Other Dave on Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:28 am

Over on the Facebooks we've been discussing a bit what looks to be a range of intro board games in the works from GW - probably more along the lines of Kerrunch / Ultramarines and their ilk than Shadespire and the like, but really, who knows?

First is Space Marine Adventures, possibly the worst name for a game ever:
Which is apparently a 2-5 player co-op game, Marines versus Necrons. (And seems to use the Space Marine Heroes sculpts, their first appearance outside of Japan.) The new second pic makes it look even a bit Space Hulk-y.

Second is Blitz Bowl, a slightly less dumb name and apparently a cut-down version of Blood Bowl, very much in the conceptual vein of Kerrunch:

But the images and the fact that SMA is co-op is really all we know so far. Good on GW for moving back into standalone intro games (the Japanese new-to-the-hobby-sphere seems excited about both of these, and new-to-the-hobby seems to be the target audience), but personally I'm going to wait and see what the rules are like. If they're good beer-n-pretzels lunchtime games I might pick one up?

Edit: And just as I post this a news post goes up. ... -new-york/
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Re: GW's forthcoming range of introductory board games

Postby Primarch on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:43 am

Remember when GW boldly announced that they weren't in the business of making games? :lol:
Glad to see that they have turned that attitude around. I'm unlikely to pick either of these up, but for getting new blood into the hobby, these are awesome.
Thumbs up from me.
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