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Re: Dave Paints - no, not that Dave... the other one.

Post by The Other Dave » Sat Apr 21, 2018 1:59 am

Some more pick-chars:

First up is all-of-my-AdMech-so-far:
I'm pretty pleased with how they look on the table! I've got another 10 skitarii and an enginseer coming in the mail, then they may take a break as I have a cool idea for a bit more terrain to round my table out, plus I want to get a few more marines so I can phase out scouts and try fielding bigger squads of inceptors, but that's another kettle of fish, as they say.

Next is some not-so-well-lit shots of my 1500-point army for NagoyaHammer this year, if anyone wants to start building lists expressly to beat me. :D

The core is a Battalion (cue Prim frothing about inappropriate uses of military terminology :lol: ) of Scythes: Captain, Lieutenant, 2 squads of Intercessors and one of Scouts, a Redemptor and an Ironclad.
Intercessors are always solid, the Scouts are a cheap screening unit, and while the Captain and Dreads will have to foot-slog it across the board to punch the enemy, they're all three pretty dang tough and once they get there they'll be good at the punching.

Next is a Patrol of Gryphonne IV Remnants: Domina, a squad of Rangers with sniper rifles, a squad of Vanguards with no special weapons (basically because I had the points to spare) and a Dunecrawler with neutron laser.
The Dunecrawler is really the star of the show here, the army's main source of AT punch, although if the Rangers can stay alive their powerful sniper rifles are very scary, and the Vanguards put out a surprising number of hit dice with a surprising threat range.

And finally is a little Inquisitorial Vanguard: the Inquisitor and 3 one- or two-man Acolyte units (and a Daemonhost lurking in the warp to get summoned), riding in a Razorback "borrowed" from the Scouts (the RB is technically part of the Marine detachment, but Inquisitors can commandeer transports like this).
This formation is included 100% for fun / fluff reasons, and because I don't have a psyker for my Marines. The Razorback is basically an Inquisitor / Daemonhost delivery device (that it provides a bit of AT punch, and allows the 4 units that make the formation up to deploy in one drop, is a welcome benny), and the Acolytes are ablative wounds for the Inquisitor with their "look out, sir!" type rule. We need to proxy the lasguns as an unusual pattern of hotshot lasgun 'cause the Acolyte wargear lists are limited like that - I probably should just get some Scions, and in fact may if cash flow allows me to do so before NagoyaHammer.

There's nothing really flashy in the list, but it has a solid core of troops and (hopefully) enough tough, dangerous vehicles to force some target selection on my opponent's part. It brings 9 CP, and the Warlord is the Domina with the "get CP back" warlord trait, so I shouldn't be hurting there, and is fully FAQ compliant. Its big weakness is probably that it's a bit weak on anti-tank - I'm leaving the Predator out to punish it for failing to kill anything in any game I've brought it along in yet (and because I just couldn't fit it in and still have enough warm bodies / CP to be competitive). But it should be fun and it'd be a shame to waste all this cool background info I wrote up about it!
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