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Re: Dredd Thread (Judge Dredd Miniatures Game)

Post by Konrad » Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:11 am

me_in_japan wrote:I have a Dredd question, for those who have the rulebook (which should be everyone, since they were giving it away for free recently, but I digress...)

Bikes and other vehicles:
am I right in thinking that these are not bought as equipment for gang/squad members, but as standalone entries in your gang list? I mean, taking my street gang as an example, a gang member can carry 50 creds of stuff. Upgrade to hero and he can carry another 75. Most vehicles cost way in excess of this. That's aside from the fact that bigger vehicles can carry a whole bunch of people, gunners, drivers and so on.

The way I understand it is: if one wishes to have, say, a ganger on a bike, one does the following:

buy a street ganger. upgrade to hero L1 if you want. buy him some equipment if desired (up to 125 creds). enter this chap in your gang roster.
buy a bike. buy it upgrades up to its hit points. put this as a separate entry in your roster.

at the start of a game, any ganger can start the game on the bike. 2, if it can carry a passenger. Likewise, you could in theory start the game with an unmounted bike in your deployment zone and have a ganger get on later.

is this right?
This is right. You can buy the vehicle just like another gang member. You can also "acquire" them in the way you get mercenaries to balance out forces.
Looks like MIJ's ladies are upping the ante. Boy, I sure hope Judges have access to really knarly vehicles with big guns. :twisted:
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