A sad day for Dredd fans.

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A sad day for Dredd fans.

Post by Primarch » Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:57 am

Steve Dillon, an artist for 2000AD and other comics has passed away.

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Re: A sad day for Dredd fans.

Post by jehan-reznor » Mon Oct 24, 2016 7:45 am

Only 54? Too young RIP

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Re: A sad day for Dredd fans.

Post by Lovejoy » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:43 pm

He was one of the good old stalwarts when I regularly read 2000AD, and he always delivered really dynamic work. Great at capturing those really kinetic action scenes. He did always seem keen on giving everyone a massive chin, overdeveloped to the point of genetic deficiency, but all artists have their foibles. Not my absolute favourite of their artists (McMahon, Esquerra, Cam Kennedy, Bolland were all a bit more detailed and characterful), but damn good...looking at the unfamiliar (to me) Preacher stuff, he really seemed to have knocked it out of the park in his later career and developed into something very special. Makes me wish I'd kept up with his work outside of the galaxy's greatest comic. 54 is no age.
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