Warlord's Open Day

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Warlord's Open Day

Post by Primarch » Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:43 pm

Last weekend, Warlord Games had an open day featuring, among other things, a discussion session with John Stallard and Paul Sawyer the guys who run it. You can find a (poor quality) copy of the session here:
https://www.facebook.com/warlordgames/v ... =2&theater

Highlights include:
Multiple Dark Age books coming for HC.
More plastic Landsknechts for P&S.
Black Powder is getting a 2nd edition next year, but it's mainly going to be minor tweaks rather than any major overhaul.
For Bolt Action books are underway for Market Garden and the Fall of France. They have plans to do a lot more for it. A Korean War book is in the works and Vietnam is being discussed as well, though Paul does make a point of saying that there is a lot more of WW2 they still want to do. One of the major projects next year is a book covering the Western Desert along with a range of figures and vehicles. Does anyone know anyone who would be interested in such a thing?
Oh and they're doing a plastic 88 as well. :D I've wanted one for ages, but luckily I've held off so far.
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