Eldar for sale.

Have some models to sell or bits to trade? Do you need that 1 tiny piece to finish your conversion? Please post here.
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Eldar for sale.

Post by Miguelsan » Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:02 am

As part of Spring cleaning I brought back to Japan the start of an official Eldar army that my brother had and never went anyhere, I'm selling it at about 50% discount over GW prices because I want it to find a good owner rather than just throw it away like my brother wanted to do.

All the stuff is still in the box and unopened.

Wave Serpents x3: 3000 yen each.
Rangers: 2500 yen. (metal, box opened)
Dire Avengers x2: 3500 each. (This is the old plastic box of 10 not the new one of 5)
Howling Banshees: 2500 yen. (metal)
Dark Reapers: 2500 yen. (metal)
Wraithlord x2: 3200 yen each.

I can take the stuff for Nagoyahammer to trade there if there is interest.


Also for sale LoTR The Dark Lord Sauron. 3000 yen.

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