Random 40k TTS games

Feel free to post up Battle Reports here. All game systems welcome.
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Random 40k TTS games

Post by Jye Nicolson » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:57 am

We haven't been playing as much TTS as we did when Crusade first hit, which I expect is a mix of nobody else having the burning need for RP that I do with my huge mixed force, and Crusade being most fun for people with Codexes, which is just Marines and Necrons right now.

But we have had some Matched Play games to try things out, and while I didn't record enough stuff for full Battle Reports I think it's worth noting down some things while the memory is fresh.

1500 Pts - Matt (Evil Sunz Orks) vs Jye (Space Wolves)

We both wanted to try heavily mechanised lists - Matt has a lot of buggies, trukks etc, I took a Repulsor and 4 dreads with a Primaris Techmarine.

The mission we rolled was GT #32, Sweep and Clear, which I really liked. It has (somewhat cramped) corner deployments with a small bubble around a central objective, one home objective each, and an objective in each neutral quarter. It really emphasises moving in on the center but you need to make tradeoffs about the flanks and protecting your home base.

We used terrain from the Northern Front GT which I also liked a lot. Their ruins don't have windows so it was even harder than normal to gain LOS; even as two mostly melee armies that made for some hard choices, particularly with the Repulsor.

Just some dot points on learnings:

- Going first is still really good, I won the rolloff and while I didn't have stupidly mobile things to get first turn charges I did get to shoot with the Repulsor and take the initiative in the center, which made things tough for Matt.
- The Repulsor is a nightmare the first time you use it, really hard to keep track of all those damn guns and decide what should be shooting at what. It did a lot of damage but took longer to resolve than the rest of my army put together. Really glad I used it in TTS first, I'd like to assemble and paint mine for real life games but I'd hate to waste in person time learning it (bad enough to be wasting Matt's time)
- You can't stop Evil Sunz going where they want to go, holy crap they are fast. Also even knowing Da Jump existed I made a critical error valuing trying to get potshots off with my Intercessors rather than emphasising screening my home objective. The Intercessors died without doing anything important and Matt took that objective.
- SW venerable dreads with axe and shield are REALLY good backed up by a Iron Priest. They can take a ton of hurt and dish it out, flexing between anti horde or anti elite as needed. Probably still not as good as TWC but a real problem for the enemy.
- Disembarking is hard, and the emergency disembark strat is worth it. Poor Matt lost his battlewagon with people still embarked and that wholly within 3" requirement is tough.
- The Armour of Russ combined with SW Heroic Intervention shenanigans is a nightmare, especially now the whole army can HI. I was able to HI the Repulsor to squeeze the Iron Priest in through a gap and shut out the Ork Warboss, who otherwise would have pulped a dread. If you plan on meleeing vs Space Wolves (or Marines in general), you need to be hyper aware of where that AoR and/or Judiciars are and just make sure they can't do their thing (especially since Matt otherwise used the bulk of the Repulsor/Dreads and base sizes against me really well, it's just the wolf shenanigan level is very high).

Good times, and great being able to experiment with lists on both sides!

Edit: forgot the biggest lesson - the 9th ed Codex haves vs have-nots factor is real but maybe not for the reasons you think

Raw power is fairly randomly distributed between armies on 8th ed Codexes, from the terrifying might of Demons, Harlequins and Sisters through to the poor old Tau. Orks are pretty up there and aren't inherently disadvantaged against Space Wolves imo.

But in Matched Play your 9th ed Codex gives you a bunch of extra Secondary objectives and that is a *big* advantage. Due to very active objective trading Matt and I had similar Primary scores when we had to call the game, but I was well ahead on Secondaries. We both took the mission secondary (which I think is good practice as a default outside tournaments) but I was able to take an always good Space Marine objective (Oaths of Moment) and a Space Wolf one that suited the opposition well (a heroic challenge which the Warboss answered; I would have got max points for killing him with Bjorn, but still 10 points if anyone killed him in melee, which...he's an Ork, he was going to be in melee). I just had a broader palette to draw from which translated into much easier scoring.

(he was doing well with Engage on All Fronts though, that Evil Sunz mobility!)

In Crusade it's a little different, while the unique upgrades can certainly help you win I don't think they're decisive, it's more that having your Codex makes it more *fun* due to the flavoursome Agendas etc.

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