Op-En - Typos and Errors

This Forum is for the discussion of the Op-En Rules for skirmish games.
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Op-En - Typos and Errors

Post by Primarch » Tue Oct 10, 2023 12:08 am

Hey all,

As you may be aware from the other thread here, I am working on my own game system. I'm fairly certain that there are errors, mistakes, and problems with my writing. Given that there are a lot of English teachers on this forum, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of tutting as people read my work. So, that is what this thread is for. If you find an error in any of the Op-En documents and have some time to kill, please let me know about it here.
Likewise, if you think a section of the rules is poorly phrased, feel free to let me know about it.

Thank-you in advance. Your assistance will make this game better.
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