June Ichinomiya Underworlds Day: June 8

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June Ichinomiya Underworlds Day: June 8

Post by The Other Dave » Mon Jun 03, 2024 1:26 am

I haven't been super good about posting these, but just in case!

June's Ichinomiya Underworlds meetup will be this coming Saturday at the Ichinomiya Sports Bunka Center, in meeting room 6 (hooray! tables and chairs!) up on the 3rd floor. We have the room from 9 to 4, and the cost is 300 yen for the day, provided I actually remember to ask people to pay. Drop-ins are extremely welcome, and if you're a lapsed or curious player just let me know and I can very very easily loan you a warband and deck to see how the game plays. As Jye and I keep saying at any chance, the game is in a real good place for casual play right now, and we'd be happy to evangelize and do some demo games, plus there's a nice little yakitori joint nearby we usually go to for lunch! :lol:
Feel free to call me Dave!
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