The Golden Age of TV. So, what are you watching?

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Re: The Golden Age of TV. So, what are you watching?

Post by Konrad » Wed Apr 13, 2022 2:30 am

me_in_japan wrote:
Tue Apr 12, 2022 2:24 pm
I agree that Boba fett kinda sucked. It's a shame, because the character has real potential, and Temuera Morrison is a more than adequate actor. Twas just bad writing, sadly. They really should've gone for him being not all that nice actually. Like, Mando is what you get when a bounty hunter discovers he has morals. Boba fett shouldve been what you get when a bounty hunter learns he really doesn't.

On the plus side, Cad Bane was great.
That was one scary gunslinger, like Lee Van Cleef and a shark had a baby. I wonder how many man-hours it took to craft those teeth and that sneer. I do love me a spot of high-noon gunfightin', as ridiculous as the idea is in worlds with anti-grav, forcefields......Though the climactic scene actually makes the whole show worthwhile. The show is stupid, but a Godzilla vs. King Kong sort of stupid, so I forgive them.
It is a tough to pull off Boba Fett, crime lord of Tatooine and still make the show friendly for 10 year olds. I mean if he were at all "not nice" and the people who don't want to pay his tribute find tauntaun heads in their beds, "I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.", it is not going to sell as much merch. Mando' is almost more an Arthurian knight than bounty hunter. The "This is the way." code, the not-quite-a-light-saber-sword, the actual "shining armor", it's all there.

Comments on other comments

"Discovery" Yeah, I'd have enjoyed a bit less trauma and more brave new worlds. And it was just a bit much, psychic Vulkan mind links, myconid warp drives, I'm really a Klingon in disguise and I'm my evil twin from a parallel was like they crammed 5 years of Next Generation character development into a single season.

Never heard of "Lower Decks" a bit of tounge-in-cheek Trek sounds like a lot of fun.

And I really enjoyed Picard. Though, it had a different sort of excitement. The most gripping scene for me was a bit where Picard was running up the stairs and I was on the edge of my seat. "Oh god, he's so tiny and frail." And there is a bit where he is facing down this Romulan bravo (ready to skewer Picard with a sword, what a fun anachronism) and giving this classic Picard speech, and you are again, "Aaaaa. don't you dare hurt that wonderful, wonderful old man!". It was more thrilling than him facing down a Kingon armada in his prime. And sure he saves the universe again, but the action moved in a smaller scale. and you could get into the characters a little more and they seemed more believable, despite being alien, zen sword masters, Data v.2 androids and holo-deck projections. Hey, just did a quick google and only now learned there was a 2nd season. Have to give that a watch soon.
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Re: The Golden Age of TV. So, what are you watching?

Post by Balloonacorn » Fri Apr 15, 2022 12:12 am

me_in_japan wrote:
Tue Apr 12, 2022 2:24 pm

Oh, and Moon Knight is good so far. I mean, it's a marvel TV show, so you know what youre getting into, but still, they do do it well.
It is true that most (Disney) MCU is Pablum, Moon Knight is nice and gritty, second only to Daredevil as a pulp fiction superhero. Well worth the time to watch.
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