Imperium Magazine out in Japan

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Jye Nicolson
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Imperium Magazine out in Japan

Post by Jye Nicolson » Fri Jan 13, 2023 3:45 am

Imperium Magazine is rolling out in Japan and judging by the pile of Issue #1 in Inazawa it must be damn near everywhere.

The first issue is a Primaris Lieutenant* and a Necron Royal Warden, some dice, a mat and a little ruler for 500 yen. The magazine is an intro to the setting, hobby and game, so it'd be a pretty good way to give someone an idea of what 40k is.

If you buy all the issues you get a bewildering array of stuff, and if you wanted all of it I think it would be a good deal. Hard to imagine someone actually wanting literally all of it; I'm kind of staring down the barrel of owning a Necron army again after managing to sell/trade all the Indomitus stuff and it worries me, but the Imperial side looks like a ton of stuff I could use so I'm probably in. Anyone else might want to be more judicious but if it ends up there's an issue each month showing up at your local bookstore you may as well look to see what's packed in.

*It's the good one, can be used without alteration as a Blade guard Veteran sarge, so I'm not sorry to have another. Might paint him up in purple.

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